I can't believe October is here, much less that it's already half over. Time flies when you're...working full time and have sick kid's!
Thankfully we're all on the mend.

I had to take this pic of Breeson the other day - I woke up to this!! It cracked me up.

And check out this monster!! He's already 5 months old and weighs in at a whopping 15+ pounds.

We carved pumpkins and this is what's left of them - stupid squirrels. The same thing happened last year. Jamie wanted to take them out, until we saw the mama and her babies the other day.


So we did it!! As a joint 30th birthday bash - several of us girls celebrated by going to The Grizzly Rose to go two-stepping/line dancing. It was a lot of fun!!
All of us turned 30 this year:

this pic cracks me up b/c this random guy came over and asked Theresa to dance - for those of you who know Theresa, I'm sure you're laughing too!! But she didn't skip a beat, she jumped up and said yes and he whisked her off! Clint had a good laugh about it too. The guy was harmless - he just needed a dance partner!

We had a little Whitewater reunion the last couple of nights. Justin and Kirsten (Ensz) Eck came to Denver for their vacation and we caught up w/ them while they were in town. We had a great time catching up.



Joy usually updates our blog, but today I felt like it might be good to add my own post for a change. Life in Colorado is good, but we find our selves in a place that we never expected, at least I didn't. For some reason, I always believed God would make it crystal clear where he would want me to serve, but at this point I only know that I am called to serve in the Anglican Mission in America. So I find my self circling the airport waiting for God to tell me where to land this plane. For now that means continuing to serving as the Young Adult Coordinator at TLC until the Lord leads me else where, which we are willing to do once He makes it clear where that may be.
We currently have a lot going on and I am so grateful that my wife is willing to take care of the boys so I can seek direction from the Lord. This weekend I plan to spend a lot of time in prayer and look forward to spending time alone with my Lord. For those of you who read this I would ask you to be in prayer for us as we seek guidance from God.
In other news, I will be getting ordained to Presbyter on October 29, 2011, Lord willing. My mom and some of Joy's family are coming to celebrate God's calling me to serve as a pastor and I am looking forward to our time together.
At the end of the day, I am blessed to have such a loving wife and two wonderful boys to share this life with and for that I am very very grateful. Thanks God!!!