If it were up to Breeson, we'd go to the park every. single. day. And I can't blame him for wanting to go. The weather in the evenings have been so nice. It's always a great way for Breeson to run some energy off, get some Vit D, and just change up the scenery - especially on the days where we don't go anywhere else.



Here's Breeson and I (and Eagan too) eating out the other night while Jamie was at the church. I'm getting more and more brave in getting out with 2 little ones. I'm thankful Eagan still sleeps so much. Now is the time to get out - it's only going to get harder when he's more awake and isn't content w/ staying in his carrier.


Friday Fun

Friday was a fun day. We started it by meeting our friends, Mary & Lillian at the Zoo. Breeson is at the age where he's really enjoyed going the last couple times. He can say so many of the animals' names and remembers what he saw/did that day.

Eagan was a good sport...he did a lot of this while we were there:

Breeson & Lillian:

Mary & Lillian


Then in the evening, we met Joe, Becca & Jael at the park. It was the perfect weather to be outside.

Here's Eagan and his buddy, Jael:


Father's Day

We had a great time on Sunday celebrating Dad (Jamie). I wish we lived closer to my family so that we could've honored my dad and Grandpa too. We sure do love our men!!

Sunday morning we got up and made Jamie a big breakfast.
Went to church.
Spontaneously had friends come over after church to grill steaks.
Let Jamie relax and do what he wanted to do - read.
Ran to Q'doba for dinner.

Here's what the boys got Jamie for Father's Day:


It's Greek to me...

Last night we went to Denver's First Annual Greek Festival. It's no Lebanese Festival in Birmingham. But I guess I'm comparing Apples to Oranges there.
Anyways, we still had a great time with our friends Jason, Christina & Oliver.
And despite the on/off rain, it was a great night to get out.

The boys had fun riding a few of the kiddy rides and just running around. As you can see by Breeson hanging on in both pic's - he wasn't quite sure of this at first. It took some convincing to get him to ride it. (He can be a bit of scaredy cat times!)

Oh, and it doesn't look like we took Eagan with us...but we did - he just didn't make it in any of the pic's. Sorry E!! We still love you. :)


1 month...already!?

It's crazy to think Eagan's already 1 month old. It's amazing how time can stand still yet fly by at the same time.

At 1 month...
  • he demands to eat every 3 hrs during the day (I put him on a timed schedule - he would eat sooner than that if I let him).
  • sleeps during the day a lot still (thankfully!)
  • goes anywhere from 3-7 hr stretches during the night
  • LOVES to be held - but I'm trying to slowly break him of that. I can't get anything done if I'm constantly holding him. Seems to be more of a cuddler than B was/is.
  • Probably weighs more than 8 lbs now.
  • Definitely has brown eyes (I was always hoping one of my kids would get Jamie's green eyes - but my Asian influence is dominant)

(exercising my lungs...because mommy won't hold me)

1 month old also means I head back to work soon. :-(


post baby blues

There's so much joy and excitement after the arrival of a newborn. Showing him off and being pampered by friends/family. But with it comes the tiredness, along with the leftover weight gain. I realize I just had a baby 4 weeks ago, but still, it's discouraging not fitting into my "regular" clothes. I went shopping on Tuesday afternoon. Where at?? At this amazing store called Goodwill! I bought some shorts and a couple dresses that will hopefully tide me over until I can get back in the old clothes. I'm tired of wearing the same stretchy pants. Plus, with nursing, it's not easy wearing certain clothes. It could be awkward pulling a dress all the way up in a public place just to nurse. :) I wouldn't do that, by the way.
So on the weekend of July 2nd, Jamie is performing his first wedding to a lovely couple that we used to be neighbors too. It's crazy how we as girls can already begin thinking that far ahead and start planning what we'll wear. My dilemma - not what will I wear? But will it fit?I have a couple weeks left to whip my body back in shape. Yeah right. I'm off to a great start...I downed a double cheeseburger meal from McD's, along w/ a choco shake today. Ugh.
Would the bride be offended if I wore my black sweat pants to her wedding?!
So, here's to starting to eat right...and begin exercising. Well, after this weekend. We're going to the Greek Festival here in town tomorrow night and I plan to eat some delicious hummus and greek fries!!



Although the first day of summer is not until June 21st, it feels like summer here. Well, it did. These pic's are from over a week ago. The weather the last couple days have been in the 70's - absolutely beautiful! We've been enjoying a LOT of time outdoors. I think this next week we may hit close to the 90's. I'm just SO thankful we have low humidity here. I really do love Colorado weather.

I got his kiddie pool out the other day thinking he would just like to get his feet wet in it. So wrong. Why would I assume a little boy would only get his feet wet!?!?

We planted our first garden this year. We've already benefited from some it.
We planted:
*lettuce (2 kinds)
*potatoes (new and yellow)
*green beans
*bell peppers

new post below...


Both Eagan and Breeson got baptized last Sunday. I'm just now posting pic's. I won't go into the theology behind why we did it, but if you have questions, feel free to ask. And No, we don't believe that just because they were baptized that this is in place of their salvation. They each have to one day make that decision for themselves.

Jamie baptized them both.

They were both dunked!


(another) brown eyed boy

This is gonna be short and sweet. It seems that every time I sit down to blog...this one wakes up and cries. BTW - at what age do I start letting him self soothe? Is 3 weeks too early?!! ;-)
Happy 3 weeks Eagan. Weird to think in a week he'll already be a month. Seems like he just arrived.