Look who finally joined the 21st century?!! I know what you must be thinking...what is that thing? And what do you do with it?
Well my friends, it's an iPhone. Not only can you talk to people on it, but you can look up information, send messages, listen to music and even see people face-to-face. Amazing, right?! My old phone, which was sadly thrown out, on accident mind you, while on vacation was just a cellular device in which talking and texting occured. None of that fancy shmanshy stuff.

So, go see if you can find one of these for yourself. Although they may be hard to find. I'm probably one of the first people on this earth to buy and use of these new fangled devices.

Not to brag, but I'm such a trend-setter...  


...back to reality

We just got back from vacation yesterday afternoon. I figured I'd post about it now and put pic's up later on. We were in Branson, Mo from Monday (the 21st) to Monday (Memorial Day). Prior to the trip, I flew with the (little) boys on Saturday (the 19th) to Wichita to see my family. We decided to do their birthday party there with cousins and a few friends rather than here in Denver this year. They don't get the chance to do parties with their cousins that often. Our flights there (to Wichita) and back (from Branson) were both non-stop. So that was helpful. But they were still a handful. I did it alone on the way there, but so thankful Jamie was able to help me on the way back. Jamie flew directly from Denver to Branson b/c he had to preach on that Sunday, the 21st. I figured I would just write out what we did in a timeline view.

Saturday (May 19):: Flew from Denver to Wichita. That night went swimming at the YMCA w/ my parents and brother (and his crew).
Sunday:: had a great time seeing old friends at my parents church, then had a fun birthday party for Eagan & Breeson. I now have a 1 & 3 year old. Craziness.
Monday:: Headed to Branson w/ my parents, leaving their house at 4:45 a.m. Both boys slept for most of the ride! We left early to pick up Martha (Jamie's mom) from the Springfield airport, as she too was joining us for our vacation. But when we were almost to Springfield, she called to say she had a layover and wouldn't make it 'til 4 p.m. !! Bummer.  So we picked Jamie up from the airport in Branson and then the guys headed back to Springfield to pick her up. Checked into our condo for the week and started getting settled in.
Tuesday:: We lounged around, did some shopping. That evening we hit up the mini golf at Pirates Cove.
Wednesday:: Breeson starts getting sick and has a fever (it never fails - he always gets sick whenever we go on a trip. UGH!!). We later find out that (almost) every kid that was at the birthday party is now sick too. We continue move forward and go to Dixie Stampede that evening. He still enjoyed it! Then we meet up w/ the rest of the family at the park to watch my SIL play softball.
Thursday:: Head to Silver Dollar City with a sick boy. He DID NOT enjoy the roller coaster. ;)
My bad. My parents were kind enough to take the kiddos back to the condo after lunch and we stayed and played awhile longer. I did lose my cell phone that day on the trolly ride into the park. :( no fun.  That evening my Uncle & Aunt, who live in Arkansas, drive over for dinner and dessert so we can celebrate all of the May birthdays (my mom, brother, sil, and the boys).
Friday:: Both sets of parents leave and head back to their appropriate states (KS & MS). Still have sick kid. Take him to the Urgent Care and is DX with strep. He's put on Antibiotics and slowly begins to act like himself again. Yeah. Friday night I head over to see an old friend who is also in Branson that same weekend.
Saturday::  Head to the lake (Bull Shoals) to meet up w/ more old friends (Lorin, Sandee Ensz and family: Sean, Jessica & Elle, Justin & Kirsten)
Sunday:: Sore from being at lake. Head to church to meet up w/ brother and SIL, then we hit up Whitewater (outdoor water park) all afternoon. We got spoiled and had some tasty food at my brothers house afterwards.
Monday:: Pack up and head back to Denver....back to reality. The nice part is, I did our laundry at the condo before we came home, so today I don't have to do any of that. Plus, before we left for vacation, we cleaned the house really well. It was SO nice walking into a clean house yesterday.

However, today is another story!!

Today both Breeson & Eagan woke up around 6:30/6:45ish. Yuck. Prior to and during vacation, we had got them to sleeping in until almost 8 a.m. I hope we can work that back into our schedules!! And really, it doesn't matter so much with Breeson waking up early. It's Eagan I mind. Breeson can play on his own and/or watch cartoons. With Eagan, I have to get up. Poor, poor me. :) 

In all, we had a great time on our family vacation. It was perfectly balanced with seeing family and friends, relaxing at the condo & pool, doing sightseeing stuff, and just playing...even with a sick kid some of the time.


Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. My boys did a great job in making me feel extra loved and special. They actually do most days, but this day in particular. 

I feel pretty honored to get to love on these 2 boys and am proud to be their mama...

 I was given a beautiful flowers and a card and was also
 treated to dinner at Pasquini's. 
 (they give extra pizza dough to kids to play with - such a great idea!)


Thanks also to my Mom who I deeply look up to and admire. I know you didn't do everything right - because no one is perfect except Jesus Christ. But because you love Jesus, then you loved me (and my siblings) with all of your heart. Thanks mom for not only doing your best in raising us, but you desire now for your grandkids to someday know Jesus personally.


Friday blurb

Well, it's Friday. Thank goodness, huh?! For some reason this week has been long. 
Yesterday afternoon, Jamie left for Estes Park for a retreat, and so I'm doing it solo w/ the boys. It's the first time for me to do that. There was one other time Jamie left for a trip, but I was in KS w/ Breeson so I had help. So far, we're all still alive and we haven't lost it...yet. 

This morning we headed downtown to The Children's Museum. It was a nice way for them to explore and get (some) of their energy out. We were there almost all morning. I decided to go today b/c Eagan was FREE since he's not yet 1 (but that changes next week - since he turns 1 on the 17th), plus I used a buy 1 get 1 free coupon Entrance for Breeson and I. It would have been nice to have Jamie there to help, but we saved $$ today - and that's good too.


Sometimes I catch Sadie trying on Eagan's shoes...silly dog.

Our garden is in. We doubled it in size this year. And when I say "we" have a garden, I mean Jamie. He's the one who puts in all of the labor. I just stand back and watch. :)   (thanks honey!!)
I do get to eat the fruit of the labor - literally. 
This year we have: purple hull peas, lettuce (various types), tomatoes, peppers (jalapeno & red bell), strawberries (from last year), zucchini, squash, red potato's, & carrots. I know I'm missing some stuff.

 Well, a week from tomorrow I'll be on a plane w/ the kiddo's headed to Wichita. We'll be celebrating the boys' birthday on that Sunday (the 20th) w/ cousins and a few friends, then we'll ride with my parents to Branson where we have a condo booked for the week. Jamie will fly directly there as he has to preach on that Sunday. I'm looking forward to going and relaxing...