BIG NEWS - at least for us!

When I was prego, I was about 1 of 18 girls that I knew that was also pregnant at the same time. Now, it seems like I know a lot of girls who are now pregnant with their second.

Well, we have big news to share! As most of you know, Breeson is 15 months old now and we've been trying to figure out when to add to our family. As if we really have a say so in the exact timing of when that is. :) But in a way, we do this time. We are going to adopt!! We are already in the process.

We are not really picky in the sex, or the age, but we are being picky on the breed. Yep, that's right, the breed! :) We hope to have one of these...

(golden retriever)
or one of these (yellow lab)...
soon. We have our applications in two different lab/golden retriever rescue shelters and hope to continue w/ the process with either one. We have been Accepted by the lab shelter, we're just waiting for the "right one". Can't wait...we'll keep you posted!


Our weekend...thus far

Breeson and I went on a play date yesterday. We met up with Casen and his mommy at the mall play center. They had a pretty good time. We hope to continue doing stuff w/ the boys in the future.
Do you remember me posting about the play center. They recently re-did it from the breakfast theme...
to a Looney Tunes theme...
Then in the afternoon, I gave Breeson a sensory activity using dry beans. He enjoyed playing with them. I got the ideas from here and here.
Then last night we had some friends over. B enjoyed eating some dirt.
Then we decided to do a little jamming...to some Psalms. :)
(joe, jamie and becca)
(kristy and ryan)
This morning we headed to Clint's ordination into Priesthood. Way to go Clint!

Then tonight, Jamie and I get to go on a dinner date while we drop B off at the babysitters . :)
It's been a good weekend thus far.


busy, busy, busy

Wow, it's taken me a long time to sit down and catch up on here. We've been pretty busy the last few weeks. I started my new job, Jamie's been in a wedding and also headed up our church's Community Block Party that was this last Sunday. It was a pretty big undertaking, but it went off w/out a hitch. We had a good response from the community, considering it was the first year to do this. We had a live music, bouncy castle, climbing wall, pony rides and best of all, free food!

Breeson LOVED the pony rides! :)

By the way... I never got around to doing it, but here is Jamie's sermon he did a few weeks back. He did a great job! Go here to listen.

My new job is going well. I work at an Oncology/Hematology office. There are 5 doc's so it's a busy place. My work days go by fast, so that's a plus. I do enjoy it there though and everyone seems to be nice. I'm still getting situated and comfortable, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm so thankful I only work 3 days a week.

B is 15 months today. We went and got his shots today. It wasn't any fun doing it myself. Jamie had a meeting to go to at work so he couldn't help me. B's doctor told me, "I see a LOT of kids, considering we're a Pediatric office, but I would have to say your kid screams the loudest". I just laughed. I know that wasn't a compliment. And lately, he likes to scream really high pitched, really loud. We also had our first all out temper tantrum at church the other week. He layed on the floor, crying/screaming and kicking his arms and legs on the floor. Yeah, we've already begun the terrible 2's, and he's not even 2 yet!?! Ugh.

So we're trying to figure out if we're going to go on vacation yet this summer. But then the other night, we started talking about how much we want to get a puppy/dog. So then we thought, why not put the money into getting the dog, rather than a vacation. They're not cheap! So, we're up in the air right now as to what we'll do. Guess we need to decide soon...



Life's been busy lately. Granny (Jamie's mom) came to visit us Breeson. It was fun having her. It took B a few days to warm up to her, but then he started giving her some love. We did a lot while she was here. Since we did a lot of stuff in the mountains last time she came (2 years ago), we decided to stick closer to home. Plus, it's so hard to do a lot of driving in Rocky Mtn National Park with a little boy who only wants to run around.
B had fun w/ his Granny - she spoiled him rotten!!

One day we went to the Children's Museum:

Then we went hiking at Maxwell Falls (near Evergreen):

And we played at Wash Park:
And yes, we did have to experience Casa Bonita's. I went back in the day (Senior of HS). But Jamie and his mom hadn't been. Um, yeah, we'll probly never go again. But now we can say we did it while living in Denver. ;)

Breeson loving on his Granny:
As for me, I started my new job yesterday. With any new job, it was overwhelming knowing I have to remember so much stuff! Everyone was pretty nice. There are so many names to remember. The only downside, I wore brand new heels to work. Bad idea. I should've worked on breaking them in first before wearing them 8 hours straight. :(
I think I'm going to really like this work schedule though. I work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday's. It'll be nice having Tuesday off to break up the week, then have a 3 day weekend. Occasionally, I may have to work a Friday here and there, but if that happens, then I won't work that Monday.