Jamie and I went to our first Dr's appointment today. For some reason I expected our first appointment to last for an hour or longer. But we were in and out within almost 40 minutes. We did get to hear the heartbeat, which was really cool!! (and no Deena, I didn't cry).
It took awhile for the nurse to find it, but finally did. Our little prune was hiding from us!! :) Jamie's sure it's a boy now.
Next week we'll get to see "Pat" for our first ultra sound!!



Today is the first day I put on a pair of pants and they didn't fit right. I got them shut, but I knew it would be a long day if I wore them.
So it begins...



The past few days have been pretty emotional. I had to put my cat (Sake) up on Craig's List on Sunday. Then today a co-worker actually came by and picked her up. I know that for the sake of the baby (b/c Sake was a little too rambunctious), we made a good decision. However, it wasn't an easy one. I definitely took it harder than I thought I would...a lot of tears have been shed.
Growing up on a farm, we never had to give pets away. If my parents didn't want it as an indoor pet, then we would just have it outdoors. I don't have that option here since we live in a condo.

Now, for all you who are not pet lovers, or even cat lovers, you probably don't understand where I'm coming from. But growing up on a farm, my pets were my best friends. (not to say I was a loser who didn't have any friends, but I just had a lot of pets!!) :)

And you know, the older I get - I don't think it's gonna get any easier on me when I have to give up a pet or when one dies. Jamie will probably still be comforting me when I'm 50...and that's okay with me.


My day so far...
  • wide awake at 7 am and have to go to the bathroom
  • wake Jamie up at 7:30 and tell him I'm hungry and want pancakes
  • lay in bed until pancakes are ready :)
  • eat too many pancakes and stomach hurts
  • put laundry away
  • catch up on reading blogs
  • lay down for my morning nap at 10 am; sleep until almost noon
  • eat a little lunch and head to grocery store
  • came home and went and ran (more like slowly jogged; first time back to running in almost 2 1/2 weeks)
  • during my jog, I stopped at a garage sale and checked out some "free" items that were sitting at the end of someone's driveway; wanted the patio furniture, but by the time Jamie and I went to get it, someone else was already picking it up. :(
  • (currently) sitting here blogging. I need to shower, vacuum the place and get dinner started for our party tonight.
Yeah for friends coming to Denver!!! We're excited to see James and Jessica.
I'll try and take pic's and put them up later.


The secrets out...

well...as some of you may have already guessed, we're having a kid in the spring (May 21st to be exact) - or so they say.
We've not yet been to the doc together for any type of sonograms. I went several weeks back, only b/c I was in denial with the home-pregnancy test.
After a (short) state of shock - I am happy to say that we're excited. Well, Jamie's always been excited from when I first told him
We go to our first appointment at the end of this month.

So...between now and May - we've got a lot of planning to do.
NO, we're not going to figure out the sex, nor are we going to share any of our baby name ideas. So you'll all have to wait in suspense...as we are.

I apologize to anyone of you who reads this and is offended that I didn't call you personally. Please don't hate.
And for some of you...I really did try, but was never able to get a hold of you.

So, there it is. It's out there. No more secrets. :)

p.s. we're exactly 9 weeks along!!



I love Fall!! I don't think it's my favorite season, only because I don't think I have a favorite.
But here are some of the reasons why Fall is so great:
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Carving Pumpkins
  • Driving in the mountains to see the fall foliage
  • wearing sweaters/sweatshirts
  • The beautiful colors
  • Thanksgiving dinner!! (my favorite part) :)
  • Having an excuse not to run ("it's too cold outside to go out and run!")
Today was/is a good day. I slept in ('til 8 - which that's sleeping in for me b/c I'm now an old lady), ate pancakes that Jamie made, went to the Walmart and spent too much money, carved pumpkins w/ Deena, currently watching college football, and will hang out w/ friends tonight.
I'll try and post pics when Deena gets them up. I didn't take any pictures.

YEAH for Fall!!!!


the weekend!!

I'm soooo glad it's Friday. It's been a LONG week.