This makes me smile: :)

history: this is when Theresa thought it would be "fun" to go to the Celestial Tea plant in Boulder (last November). As you can see...we had a blast!!?!
But we still love you Ter!!


27 Weeks

Here is the approximate size of "Pat" at 27 weeks. It's hard to believe the size of that is inside me!!? Yikes.

Our dr's appointment went well yesterday. We actually met our Dr, who is the "scheduled" one to deliver. Although, since going to this office, I really don't care who is on call that day. We like everyone so far.
Yesterday I had to do the Glucose test to check for Gestational Diabetes. I was supposed to eat a "regular diet" that day. However, we had a potluck at work and the theme was Grade School Cafeteria Food. So I ate really bad (tater tots, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, mac 'n cheese, etc.), plus drank Dr Pepper and sweet tea, all within an hour of going to my dr's appointment. :) Let's hope for the best...


New Crib

We got our crib last night. We got a great deal off of Craig's List!! This Jardine crib usually sells for over $315 brand new, but we got it for $115. Praise the Lord. Plus, it really is in almost excellent condition. The couple we bought it from took really good care of it.
So we opted for this one...rather than spending $1,500 or $75,000 on the cribs from the post below.

In looking for cribs, I had only been looking at dark cherry woods - but when I saw some black ones a couple weeks ago, I became open with the idea. Then we found this one...


oh the choices...

Oh the choices...

Should we pay $1,500 for a round crib??

Or go all out and pay $75,000 for the carriage crib??

It's so hard to decide which one to put in our nursery. We'll be registering for these soon, so be ready to jump on buying one of these items for our baby. THANKS!!! :)
**To check out more items such as these, check out www.poshtots.com - it's just a bit over our budget!!


a bit scary...

So I must admit...today, I stood in front of the vending machine for a long period of time trying to decide what to get that would be worth my worthy dollar bill.
After I walked away - it hit me - I felt a bit like Kevin Malone (from The Office).
AHHHH!!! Scary.

What was more disappointing was that I was really craving Starbursts. But they didn't have any. So then, I opted for chocolate and went for the Baby Ruth. I was even more disappointed to find out that it was not a 3 Musketeers; which for some reason I got the two confused.

Ugh...that's my day.


23 weeks

I'm a little behind on doing "updates" (as I am now almost 25 weeks).
But here I am at 23 weeks..