for now

Not much to blog about...
-Right now I'm eating strawberries w/ a Hostess Shortcake, which is yummy! It's my treat for working out so hard on the treadmill tonight.
-Jamie has a church staff meeting tonight, so I'm just chillin' by myself.
-On Thursday we're 3 weeks from D-Day
-"Nesting" is catching up with me. Over the weekend I made curtains for Pat's room and on Sunday night I went on a cleaning frenzy.
-I'm trying to walk more and lift more boxes at work. I hear it helps get the "process" moving! (but I'm not overdoing it, Jamie!)
-Deena's taking me to get a pedicure on Thursday - Yeah!! :)
-Wednesday and Thursday we're meeting 2 Pediatricians. One is a Mohel, which makes me laugh when I think about the Seinfeld episode about a Mohel.
-I'm sad that I ate the strawberries and shortcake so fast. :( I may have to eat Jamie's share before he gets home.
-I started training the lady who is taking my spot while I'm out for maternity leave today. Work will be just fine without me.
-I'm anxious to really start running again. I got out all of my summer clothes and put my winter clothes away. It'll be a good motivation to work out after "Pat" comes.
-We're still trying to figure out the best dates for when to come to MS and AL in June. Since the due date is May 21, it only gives us a small window of time to come before Jamie's brother is sent to Iraq and Zack and Jaclyn move to Boston (the latest we can come is June 11th). We're a bit torn as to which place to visit first; along w/ not being sure of flying when we don't even know when the baby will come. Ugh - big decision. Please pray!
-I heard something funny today. At our office potluck today, our Executive President pointed to the gallon of Sweet Tea and asked "what is that?". I told her what it was and received the shocking response, "I've heard of that stuff before - I didn't know what it looked like". It made me laugh!!


just a few thoughts...

  • So I guess it's becoming a weekly thing now where I wake up around 4ish and don't go back to sleep. This morning it was 3:33 a.m. :( I guess my body is just preparing itself...so they say.
  • Over the weekend, Jamie and I went to the mall in search of 2 outfits to bring "Pat" home in: one for a boy and one for a girl. When we saw these...we couldn't resist.

  • We made the decision last week to do some travelling this summer. We're excited to visit Birmingham and Mantachie (Jamie's home-town in Mississippi) in mid-June. Please pray baby "Pat" comes at least by May 21 - our due date - if not before. We really don't want to be flying w/ too much of a newborn. We only had a certain window of time due to some dear friends moving to Boston. Plus, it will probably be the only opportunity for Jamie's family to get to see the baby, as it was only his mom who was going to be able to fly out to CO. I'm already praying God will give us travelling mercies. p.s. mark your calendars! We're coming sometime either June 9th, 10th or 11th. ?? We've not yet made the reservations. I still wanna call and talk to the doc.
  • A few days ago I sat down and actually wrote out names of everyone I know who has already had a baby or is having one in 2009. I am one of 26 girls. I think only 6 of them are having their 2nd or 3rd, everyone else is first-time mom's. Craziness!! And on top of that, a strong majority of them are having/had boys.


Weather Forecast...

Weather Forecast from the Mile High City:
Snow, snow and more snow!!
In the area we live (South Denver) Littleton/Highlands Ranch, we are predicted to get over 20" of snow before it's all said and done. Ah...April. :)
Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to reach 60 degrees, and it will
keep getting warmer in the following days.
So unpredictable.

So needless to say, we haven't done very much or gone anywhere in the last 24+ hours. I think we're going to venture out this afternoon. We need to get out of
the house before we get cabin fever!!


let it snow...again.

So today I went to work for a little over an hour; enough time to eat some yummy cinnamon rolls that Kandyce made and to check my e-mail. Then I headed to the Dr's office for my usual F/U, a little earlier than scheduled b/c of the snow. Today they did the pelvic check. To my disappointment, I wasn't dilated at all. I was hoping to be at least 1 or 2 cm's. Oh well. :-(
Everything checked out fine though. I will now start going every week. Because I had already planned on working a 1/2 day, I went ahead and went home after the appointment.
I'm glad I got home when I did b/c it hasn't stopped snowing, and they say it won't until tomorrow night. In all, they predict we'll get 20" of snow!!! Funny thing is, it was just 80 degrees 2 days ago, and they're predicting it to be back in the 70's on Monday or Tuesday. Craziness!! It's Colorado.
After lunch I took a nice nap. I haven't done that in a LONG time. Tonight, we're just gonna be lazy bums and watch a movie ("Seven Pounds" w/ Will Smith) and I plan to make Apple Crisp to go along w/ our Vanilla icecream!! :) Yum.


35 Weeks

35 Weeks is here. I can't believe how fast it's gone. However, in the last 3 to 4 days, it feels like "Pat" has really had a growth spurt. I've been so much more uncomfortable. Turning over in bed at night has now become a chore. I can't imagine 5 more weeks of this. I keep hoping "Pat" will come early. But then again...would we be ready for that??


A friend sent this, thought you would enjoy it. I did. :)


too funny

Check out another Prego friends' blog re: the "baby snuggie" (April 7 blog).
This is hilarious!!
I kind of want one, in a weird sort of way - just b/c it looks SOOO funny. :)


Picture Updates...

Here is more snow that we got last week. This is what we were met with when we opened our front door.

(below: this is looking from our front door)

Jamie and I had the privilege of going to a Nuggets vs Clippers game (Nuggets won!) on Saturday night. The fun part about it was that we got to sit at Club level and sit in one of the private suites. We shared it w/ our Office President, and a few other couples. It was pretty "sweet" in the suite!! ;-)
p.s. I was a little late in taking pic's of us at the game, so by now it was done and over with - hence no one behind us.

On Sunday, Jamie and I went to our birthing class. It was pretty informational, although the first hour or two was a lot of review from what our Dr had already told us. I do feel a bit more comfortable using an Epidural - IF it ends up that I need to use one. I pray God will give me the strength to not use any type of drugs though.