Smoothies & Sickness

Last weekend Eagan caught the stomach virus going around. It's no fun having a sick baby. Although I'll admit that I liked the extra snuggle time. He's a sad kid when he's sick. He just wanted to be held or sit on the couch and watch movies or watch Breeson playing with his toys. And we know he's sick when he doesn't even want to eat. Of course, Jamie caught the bug too a few days later and is just now getting over it. I'm hoping and praying Breeson and I don't catch it. I would be okay if we were done with sickness for this winter season. But I know it's part of life...

We've had some nice weather lately, so we took advantage of it and road bikes, went on walks, and I even went for a quick run the other day.


We don't typically make New Years Resolutions, at least we don't write them down. But I think we are like most people and "plan" to change our eating habits and start exercising more as we start the new year off. I enjoy smoothies but just don't make them often. However, I'm going to try and be better at making them so I can be better at my veggie intake. 
Ingredients: plain yogurt, apple, kale, carrots, Almond milk, whey protein & wheat germ

I did add these in my smoothie too - I forgot to put them in the picture.

It was pretty good. I made another one the next day and changed up the ingredients a bit, and it was even better. (I added fresh blueberries & a couple frozen strawberries)

So I raise my glass to a healthier 2013.
Did I mention I had ate some candy and had a cookie at work too!? :)


Rest...for the body and soul

We took a much needed trip up to the mountains last weekend. It truly does a body good, in all aspects: body, soul and mind. 
We got a great deal on a condo in Keystone and had a wonderful time, despite the subzero temps (at times -20+ with wind chill). We used this retreat to not just get away from the busyness of life in town, but to step back and pray about God's direction on our future.

We rented some snowshoes for B at REI, but didn't really get to use them b/c it was so stinkin' cold. We attempted to go out one afternoon, but when both boys were crying after only being out there for 5 minutes - we decided it wasn't the best idea. Not to mention that after I took my gloves off to adjust my own snowshoes, I literally couldn't feel my fingers after only a couple minutes. It was FREEZING - and that's not an understatement.

We'll take him again sometime when it's warmer. I think he'll really enjoy it.

At the base of Keystone.

I love the feeling of being in ski towns. If it hadn't been so cold, I would've been more jealous of those skiing/snowboarding. But I didn't envy them at all.

I've lived here for 5+ years now, and I still get blown away when I see beauties like these. So thankful for the time that I've got to live in Colorado and be surrounded by just majestic character.

We did a lot of this too. Since it was so cold outside, snuggling inside a nice, warm condo watching movies was perfect.

I have to mention this because it's funny - and I think that those who are parents can at least relate to a degree...
This condo had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Because B was in a new place, he never sleeps well, especially the first night. But we decided to stick B & E together in the same room and try it (they sleep in separate rooms at home). It was around 1 a.m. when I was wakened by B crying for me and of course E was awake by then too. So after I got E back down, I tried to sleep in B's bed with him. That lasted a few minutes before I took him upstairs and put him bed w/ Jamie. Because that didn't last long either, we had to rearrange our sleeping for the next night.
So for the next 2 nights, in one room, I slept in the twin size bunk bed, while B slept in the queen size bed below me. In the master room, Eagan slept in his pack'n play in the walk in closet, and Jamie slept in the king size bed. Awesome?! We each slept in a different bed - although I think I am the one that got the bad end of the deal!! :)

Despite the sleeping arrangements, we still had a wonderful time on our short get-away.


Comic relief

I bought a back scratcher for Jamie for Christmas and I was messing around with it.

 It reminded me of this... :) 

Speaking of comic relief...Jamie and I were able to snag a babysitter tonight. We wanted to do something different rather than just do the norm - eating at a restaurant. So we thought outside the box and went to a comedy club (Comedy Works to be exact). We watched this guy. Because it was a "family show" it was pretty clean. We needed the good laugh. They ended up sitting us right in the front center. My feet were sitting on the stage - that's how close we were. So needless to say, it was close and we got picked on a bit. But in all, it was fun. Definitely a fun date night!