It's Friday...

so it's friday. i'm very glad for that. although it's been a pretty good week, i'm anxious for the long weekend.
for the past couple of nights, jamie and i have been watching a bollywood movie, "veer-zaara". it was actually quite enjoyabl
e, except for all of the singing and cheesy parts where they're running towards each other in a field of flowers. I actually do recommend it. we've been "thinking out of the box" lately w/ our movies.another good movie was the "the kite runner". that is a must-see!! kinda sad though.

well, i'll write more on my views on foreign films later...
have a great memorial day weekend!!


My Best Friend's Wedding

So, I'm excited about this weekend. We're going to Kansas for one of my best friend's wedding. Here's a picture of us in 2005 at Ponca Bible Camp - the best place in the world!!

Jenny and I go way back. We've been through a lot together and yet we've definitely lived our own separate lives. We're those type of friends though where we love to catch up when we can, but if a few months go by, or even a couple years, neither of us think we hate each other. We were in diapers together in the church nursery and declared the term "bff" somewhere during the middle school years.
I'm so happy for her as she ventures into a new season of life w/ a great guy (which I've yet to meet - but know he's a good guy b/c Jenny is w/ him!!). I must say I'm a bit jealous b/c she'll be living in Wyoming, close to the base of the Tetons in Jackson Hole. Ahh...I guess it will be a good reason to visit!!! Plus, a cheaper way to vacation now! ;) hey, what are friends for!?? I love you Jenny and I know you'll do the same when you come visit us in CO. (at least you better!)
I'm excited Jenny "asked" me to be her personal attendant in her wedding. I mean, what would the bride do w/out a personal attendant?? I know my role will weigh heavily on how well the whole wedding goes, so I will begin preparing mentally, physically, and emotionally starting now. Jenny, if you're reading this, please know that I take this seriously, so seriously I can barely sleep at night, and I won't let you down. :)
ha ha. Jenny you know I'm only making fun b/c I know you could care less if I'm there as your "attendant"!!! But...I will not let your mom down. I will see to all of your needs - gladly and with great honor. I can't wait to see you this weekend!!
Until then...