Indepenendce Day

Happy 4th!! We had a fun day celebrating our Nations Freedom. It started off with us hosting our first Fourth of July Brunch. I think it was a hit. At least I don't think anyone left hungry?! We may make it an annual thing. Who knows!?

We provided the blueberry pancakes and drinks, and everyone else was to bring a lawn chair and a (breakfast) side dish. 

We had a great group of friends 
and neighbors come. 
 I think there was around 22 adults and 12 kids. ? 
The brunch idea was fun b/c it was obviously the coolest part of the day, and it didn't seem to conflict with many peoples events for the day.

I made 8 batches of (half whole-wheat) blueberry pancakes. 
Thank goodness for my Kitchen Aid mixer!

obviously we're missing some kiddo's, I should've taken a picture before some left. But I'm glad I got this one. So cute.
Then the rest of the day was a take-a-nap, clean up after brunch, lay around the house, picnic at the park, s'more eatin' type of afternoon. Now the kids are in bed and we're watching The Patriot. How Patriotic of us, eh!? :) Hope you all had a good 4th...