I finally did it. After over 15 years of wanting my nose pierced, I finally did it for my 30th birthday!! Thank you husband of mine. ;)

I'm not gonna lie, when I was sitting in the chair waiting on the guy as he prepped everything, my heart was beating really fast. I joked that I might cry. I was kinda serious.
But I didn't. It lasted only a second - just like he'd promised.
My good friend, Theresa came with me.

I had a wonderful 30th birthday. Thank you all for the sweet well-wishes on my FB page, phone calls, and text messages. I feel loved.

My husband did a great job of making me feel extra special this year. He got me just what I wanted (from my piercing, to a small get-together with friends, to ordering a homemade pie from Marie Calendars). Then to top it all off, I asked if we could go line dancing with friends and he said yes. A few other girl friends (like Theresa above) are also turning the big 3-0 this year, so we're all going to go dancing together later in October and do one big birthday hoo-rah!
Should be fun!! It's going to be a fun excuse to wear my cow-girl boots. Now I just need to find Wranglers for Jamie and plaid shirts for both of us!



Feeling overwhelmed has been the theme of my life in the last week or two. I've been feeling overwhelmed with...
  • the whole process of potty training
  • work and the all of the changes we've been going through - having to change shifts here and there, and more changes to come...
  • the thought of saying goodbye to my 20's (a little harder than I thought it would be?!)
  • juggling 2 kids -my patience level has been at a 2, maybe even a 1 on a scale of 1-10
  • trying to figure out possibilities that deal with the future
Speaking of feeling overwhelmed...for those other mommy's out there, do you feel like your house gets overwhelmed with baby stuff!?

At least we're getting some good use out of some of the stuff...

This guy finally went to his 2 month apt, even though he is now 3 1/2 months!! He weighed in at a wopping 15 lbs and is now 25 inches.
While there, I had the Doc pay special attention to the shape of his head. Come to find out...if at 6 months his head is still mis-shaped, then he'll have to wear a helmet. Bahaahaha!! Yes, I said a helmet!! Poor fella - he could have some bad blackmail photos for later on life. So we're working on changing his position of sleeping, playing and doing some muscle exercises for his neck so he'll be flexible in turning/sleeping either way. I just can't even imagine him wearing a helmet at 6 months 24/7.


a chore

Sometimes updating the blog can seem like a chore - it shouldn't, but it does. It's like it's another thing to get done. That's why I've been so negligent lately. It's like exercise. Once the day is done, or just beginning, blogging and exercising are the last things I want to do. :) Ugh.

I typically work Monday's and Thursday's, but one of the girls at work couldn't work this past Wednesday, so we switched days. And with Labor Day coming up on Monday, it means I have a week off.

So, I decided to try potty training Breeson. He's 2 years and 3 months, so I knew it was a gamble if he would be ready or not. I've been hearing a lot of input lately (like it or not) on whether he's ready or not. A lot of mommies have told me their boys didn't do it until they were at least 3. This exercise was NOT to prove a point or be obnoxious in thinking "my kid can do it sooner than your kid". We've just been tired of changing diapers and putting the cost in them. $$ is tight these days and if he can start using the potty - why not!? So with having the week off, I decided to at least try it and if after a few days he didn't make any progress, then I was willing to digress.

I started yesterday and I gave him tons of juice, milk and water. I could tell he was holding it in b/c I know we typically change diapers before 10 a.m. After following him around for what seemed like forever (only a couple hrs that morning), I turned my head for 10 seconds and found him jumping in his own puddle of pee. About a week or 2 ago I watched a segment from the Today show. On it she has the kids clean up their own mess!!! So that's what Breeson did (I did follow him with the clorox wipes). I know it seems harsh, but it seemed to work for her. So anyways, he had 1 more accident and then we had tons of success the rest of the day. All except 1 poop in the undies close to bedtime.

I found he actually did better with me not in there. I think the pressure of me watching him was too much - I don't blame him!!
I figured I would try a sticker chart and see if he liked it - and he did. He does get some candy in addition.
Today is our 2nd day and we've had no accidents (knock on wood) thus far; it's 3 p.m. right now.

As for Eagan...well he's been pretty good. I was worried about this whole process b/c I wasn't sure how I was going to take care of Eagan and follow a 2 year old around all day.