new pics...

This was last Friday night at the Selah Gala. Here we are pimped out!! I enjoy it when we get to dress up every once in awhile. The evening was a fun filled night with dinner, a karaoke war, comedian, and dancing.

Here Jamie is cuttin' a rug!! Who knew Seminary students could "get down like that"??? :) It was fun a time! I love to dance!!

So here's the dress I bought from Dress Barn!! :) Not too bad, right?? (note: you'll be seeing me where this same dress to all weddings and other formal things for the rest of the summer - it was my deal w/ Jamie so I could buy a new dress for the Selah Gala).

And here we are tonight at the coffee shop, Solid Grounds.

Jamie studying away...


Just my luck...

So last Saturday I went dress shopping for the Selah Gala (it's for Denver Seminary students this Friday night). I figured it was a good excuse to get a new dress, plus I convinced Jamie I would also wear it for many other summer occasions coming up (ie., weddings).
I went to the outlet mall in Castle Rock and a dear friend took the time to walk around w/ me which ended up taking longer than I expected. I was pretty indecisive and couldn't find the right dress. Our last store we ended up in was Dress Barn. Ok, so I used to really make fun of that store for some reason?? Maybe b/c they have a lot of old-lady looking stuff in it?? Anyways, to my surprise, I actually found a pretty brown dress. However, the smallest size they had in stock was a size 6. Which (I guess b/c of the half marathon training) is now too big for me!! I'm now down to size 4 - yipee!! So the emoployees tried to call around to another store but they didn't have it. Later that evening I drove to another Dress Barn to see if I could find it and they were already closed. To my amazement, I found a Dress Barn yesterday not too far from my work. So today I stopped by and amazingly enough, they had it in size 4. To my disbelief, the only dress in size 4 had a faulty zipper on it!! Grrr!! I guess it wasn't meant to be...it's just my luck.

On with the dress search, once again...


"April showers bring May flowers"

So we are nearing the end of April, fastly approaching the long-awaited summer months!!! I'm so ready to start laying out by the pool!! I went shopping yesterday and I saw so many cute swimsuits. I decided to wait to buy one until I really need it.
This past week has been pretty good. Although Jamie's been super busy w/ finishing up the semester, so I have missed hanging out with him. We got a little time this weekend - which I'm learning that when those times come, I need to really appreciate them.
Work went well and I'm daily getting more and more comfortable there. My new friend, and coworker, Danielle, has been a God-send!! She's such an encourager and I can see us becoming good friends.
On Saturday I hit up the outlet malls with her in Castle Rock. I forgot how good prices are at outlet malls. I bought Jamie and I each a pair of sandals and a couple t-shirts (for Jamie) at the Gap. Great deals!!!
Today was another beautiful, but windy day. We were busy with being the greeters at church, then right after services met for the 1st time with our church softball team. Today shockingly proved how horribly uncoordinated I am!!! :) Actually, I knew it wasn't going to go so well today...but I want to give it a try. I'm excited about our co-ed team. I kinda feel bad for the guys on it though, only b/c I don't foresee a high winning track number. Oh well, I'll give it my best shot.
So earlier in the week, I babysat for some friends, Austin & Amanda. Baby Wyatt is only 3 weeks old. I'm thankful to say the kid is still alive. Although he didn't enjoy it when I beat him in chess 3 times or watching the movie "Tombstone", he still hung in there. We're good friends now. Actually what he hated most was the routine of the infamous - diaper change, or the bottle of formula that he's not used too. So he let me know his feelings by his strong vocal chords, which amazingly reach a pretty high pitch. And as much as I'm not that great with babies, I survived on a good note. He thankfully stopped crying before the parents arrived back, which made me look good!!! Thanks Wyatt!
And although Wyatt and I had a pretty good time, I'm realizing more and more how much work goes into caring for a child. I only had to do it for a couple hours; at this point I couldn't imagine doing it 24/7. Wow - kudos to Austin & Amanda!!
Well, more to come later this week...


I hate my grumpy days

Today didn't start off too well. I woke up on the grumpy side of the bed!! I wasn't ready to get up when Jamie tried (ever so sweetly) to awake me. I snapped at him and then turned over and tried to go back to sleep. Poor baby! He gave me a few more minutes to wake up on my own; for that I was thankful. After my shower, I felt a lot better and had to apologize.

We had a good morning at church as we're continuing to build relationships there. I think we're just now starting to feel really comfortable there. It's a good feeling walking into church where people know your name and you know theirs. It makes me feel like I'm more at home.

Plus, we just love our small group - they're a great group of people. I'll be sad when we stop meeting.

After church we went back home to eat leftovers. Then I took a short nap while Jamie watched The Masters on t.v.

We decided to take advantage of the nice weather so we went to the park to play tennis. But since I had just woke up, I played horrible (well, like I normally do - but today was even worse). So I asked to cut the game short and Jamie being as nice as he is, obliged to it. Then we grabbed our ball and gloves and were going to throw the ball around to get ready for our church league softball. But since I was a little crabby again (from my nap), I may have thrown a little tantrum b/c we weren't throwing where I wanted to throw. I'm a horrible person. Why does my husband love me? Well, we decided it wasn't the best time to hang out at the park so went back home.

While at home, I caught up w/ my wonderful and dear friend, Ashley Davis, whom I miss terribly. It was good to hear her voice. Ahsley helped me get out of my grumpy state.
I can't wait to see my Birmingham friends in June when we visit the South!!!

We went to small group and had a good time there. We grabbed a quick dinner at home and now we're sitting at Caribou Coffee. Jamie's studying while I'm messing around on the internet. We used to "borrow" our internet from our neighbors, but they finally caught on and have blocked us. We may actually buy it someday...we'll see!? :)

I had to humble myself and ask Jamie for forgiveness. It's never easy but it's something that always needs to be done. I am so very thankful that he has such a forgiving heart. He never holds grudges and is easily forgivable. I hope I can be the same for him.
Christ is always ready to forgive us - for things far worse than just grumpy attitudes. For that I'm so thankful and honored. I know I don't deserve a majority of things I do and say - yet He is always there to forgive me of my sins. Thank you, Lord.
Thank you for giving me a wonderful husband who exemplifies (in a VERY small way compared to You) what your love is all about. How privileged am I??



So it's Friday night. I got home from work a littler earlier than usual. I went and did my run and afterwards Jamie and I went to Subway for the $5 Footlong!! It made a cheap dinner since we each ate for $2.50 a piece. Then we hit up Hollywood Video. To our disappointment, we ended up watching a thumbs-down movie - Intolerable Cruelty with George Clooney & Catherine Zeta Jones. My recommendation: DON'T watch it!!

So the picture shows how exciting tonight really was. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't super exciting. Eh...
So it goes on a Friday night!!!

I'm sure better days are here to come.
I'm excited about the warmer weather that is "scheduled" to come this weekend. After my run I walked back to the apartment in the oddest snow fall. When I caught it in my hand, it didn't melt right away. Instead, it had had texture to it. And it wasn't cold outside (partly b/c I had just got done running). It actually felt like God was dumping those small balls of styrofome (sp?). It was so light and fluffy. Wierd - but pretty! I wish a picture could have captured what it felt like.
Well, I think I'm gonna get ready for bed. I have to work tomorrow. :( Booh.


Half way done...

Ahh...so today's Wednesday!! I can't believe the week is half way over! I'm glad though. Although work has been great, I always look forward to the weekends. A time to sleep in and enjoy time off. Well...I just remembered that I'm working this Saturday - so nevermind!!

This morning I got up and did my run so that I wouldn't have to do it tonight. It was kind of nice switching it up for a change. At this point in time, I can't imagine running the half marathon I'm training for. But, it's good motivation to keep going.
Work went semi-slow but semi-fast. The mornings always go by fast, but for some reason, the afternoon crept by today. Is that how you spell crept? It looks funny to me!? Anyways...

Tonight I got home and ate a very nutricious dinner with my hubby. We had Mac and cheese w/ hot dogs!!! Delicious. :)

Then after dinner we packed our stuff up and came to the Denver Seminary library...where I am sitting now. I got my favorite drink: Vanilla Italian Soda. The sweet part is that when you ask for a "tall", they give it to you in a Venti b/c of how they make it!! So we get more for our $$. I love it.

So I'm pretty psyched for the new Office tomorrow! We watched a few old episodes last week just to "refresh" us. Good times.
Ah well, my husband wants to go home now. I am pretty tired.


First week of work...

So I started my new job yesterday at the Dalit Freedom Network. It was pretty overwhelming just b/c it was a lot of information thrown at me. It was a good day overall. I really think I am going to like it there. The people are great and I'm just excited to be a part of something that has a greater cause.

PLEASE check out the website: http://www.dalitnetwork.org/

So today I put my two little pictures on my desk; changed a few things around my computer and got a little more situated. I was introduced to a few more things on our computer system, so day by day, I am feeling a little more confident. Even if it's only the 2nd day!!

Well...I am tired and my hubby is already in the bathroom brushing his teeth. So that means it's getting close to bed time. He has an early morning tomorrow - so I know he's not going to stay up any later than he needs too. I'll get ready for bed too, I know he doesn't like going to bed without me.