Potty Training Boot Camp

We started Potty Training Boot Camp today. 
Eagan is officially 2 years & 3 1/2 months, and I am tired of changing and buying diapers.
I'm not using any specific method - just the same way I did with Breeson 2 years ago. 
Breeson was just this age when I potty trained him. In fact, it was Labor Day weekend, 
so we're off by a few days. I wasn't exactly sure if he was ready or not, but all the "signs" that say kids are ready were there. So I decided, let's go for it now while I'm not working. Although this is hard work - don't get wrong.

Here's all of the goods to make it happen...
(not pictured is the poster board diagram in which he gets to put 
the stickers on when he pee-pee's/poops)

And we have success!! As it currently stands, the record board is 4-1. 
And that even includes a poopy!! :) I know - TMI - sorry!
But we're just so proud of him and hope this is the end to diapers - at least for now.


House Renovations {summary in pic's}

Since we've moved into our 1970's built home this past May, we've done A LOT of renovations. Thanks in large to my handy husband, but there were also parents and a lot of people from our church that helped make this happen. It's crazy to think we've lived here less than 3 1/2 months. It already feels like we've been here a long time. And I am amazed at how much we've (ahem, my husband) done since living here in that short amount of time. 

I realize I could write individual blogs on each of the redo areas, but to give you a sneak peak, here are a few photos...

The main foyer (that's our front door)


CHANGES: We removed (lots of) wallpaper, changed the light, added hardwood floors throughout foyer, dining area and into kitchen. Took coat closet door off updated the look for a sitting bench and baskets/hooks. Painted walls gray, replaced white base boards/trim and removed the beautiful spindles.


CHANGES: We kept all original cabinets but painted them white, replaced new hardware, updated a few of the appliances (still need to do microwave and dishwasher someday), painted walls gray, updated light above sink, removed wall between kitchen and dining room, painted backsplash tiles white (that will buy me some time before we need to replace them).

{more} Kitchen


Dining Area

CHANGES: Hardwood floors installed, carpet removed and walls painted gray*.

*The gray paint was found at a the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $12 a gallon, compared to $30+ dollars spent at Lowes/Home Depot. I had wanted to paint it gray anyways, but hadn't found the perfect shade of Gray (since there are like 50 shades of them...ha ha ha! get it anyone?). I am all about saving $$, so I wasn't going to be particular when it came to which shade I got. Turns it out it is perfect!! And I saved a ton of $$ doing it.

So that's that for now. I'll try and break down some of the redo's from here on out and speak more into how we did it and what was involved in our DIY projects.