yeah for Friday's...

I'm so glad the weekend is finally here...it's been a long week!! It started off w/ taking Jamie to the ER in the middle of the night on Sunday (actually Monday morning!) for Pancreatitis. Poor guy! His diet this week has consisted of: plain oatmeal, applesauce and a few whole wheat crackers. Needless to say, he's been on an expensive diet. :)
Hopefully we'll get results back soon (had more tests done today) on what caused it and how it can be prevented in the future. Praise God though, he's on the road to recovery and he continues to feel better each day.

Tonight we head to our small group. It's been a couple weeks since we last met, so it will be good to see them. Afterwards, I think we'll head to the church for a coffee shop/music night in hopes of raising money and awareness for the 10:10 Project (which fights against world poverty).

Tomorrow will be a nice lazy day spent w/ the hubby. We're planning to head to Kansas in 2 weeks where my sweet high school friend, Liz, is throwing me a baby shower. So we'll need to go and register this weekend. Ugh - not looking forward to that! It's gonna be kind of hard since we don't know the sex.
Then it'll be date night! I always look forward to that.

Sunday's are always busy as the day gets filled w/ church and then small group. Since it's the Super Bowl, we'll follow small group w/ a party!!

I can't believe February is around the corner. 2009 is already flying by - which scares me! It won't be long until baby "Pat" arrives...


must have

I can't take it any longer...I'm headed to the snack room and getting one, and no one can stop me!!


Good day...

Yeah for FREE stuff!! It makes my day. Today one of my coworkers remembered hearing that different Department Stores were giving away free make-up today!!
So, over lunch break, we headed to Dillard's and Macy's. We went into Nordstrom's too, but didn't see any "free stuff"; we were later told otherwise. Booh! ButI was able to get $50 worth of products for free, and for that I'm grateful!! I tried to talk Jamie into going in for me and getting more stuff, but he didn't like that idea! I did see a few guys in there, most likely getting stuff for their wives. :-)


Baby "Pat"

Here "Pat" is in 2D...

...and now in 3D


22 weeks

I'm 22 weeks today!!
Jamie and I got to do our FIRST sonogram at our dr's appointment today. :) It was fun seeing our little "Pat" move around. Pat did a good job with being lively for the camera. The tech did a great job in not showing anything that wasn't supposed to be seen! She said at the end of it that even she didn't know what the sex was - she didn't even take a look for herself. She said it's easier not to find out so she doesn't slip up.
It was a bit depressing when the doctor asked me "has anyone told you you're running a little big (in the belly)"?? I immediately became worried b/c I wasn't sure what she meant. But i knew that compared to other girls, I did feel bigger than most who are at 22 weeks. She said it's probly how I am carrying the baby. She said it had nothing to do w/ my weight, I'm doing good in that department! And the baby is exactly the weight and size it should be - so it really is all in the way I'm carrying it.
I'm thankful that at 22 weeks i'm still able to continue wearing my normal pants, all thanks to the Bella Band! I have a couple pair of maternity pants, but I still choose my regular jeans over them, only because they're don't quite fit right, they're still a bit big. I think I'll really enjoy wearing them more when i'm a bit bigger. Doc said it shouldn't be much longer.

Tomorrow (Friday) we leave to go to the mountains! We're staying at a condo/cabin with some friends: Clint, Theresa, Brad, Jill, Tim, Allison, Tony and Katie. We're gonna do some snowshoeing while we're there! I'm excited to get out in the snow.

We're still waiting on a job for Jamie. We have confidence that God will continue to provide for our needs - He always has and always will.

Pictures will follow after this weekend...


Just some (VERY) random thoughts from Joy...

I got new shoes this week (Keen's). I've been wanting them for awhile now. I used a gift card from Christmas, which made it all happen. Katie, from my small group, had a pair on Sunday night and I knew that's what I wanted to use my gift card on when I saw hers. They are comfy!!

This past week has been pretty hard emotionally and physically (and it's only Wednesday!) .
Emotionally - some things at work had to change and it's taking a little bit to adjust too.
Physically - I am now in the stage of not sleeping well. I wake up almost every hour trying to find the most comfortable position. Plus, Jamie's dreams have been weird lately and I've been waking up to them. Oddly enough, he never remembers what he's dreaming about the next morning. thanks, honey. ;) j/k - I still love you.

Right now, I'm sitting in the coffee shop w/ my husband; we were hoping to have a quiet night out - instead, there are about 35 teenagers here, ranging from jr. highers - sr. highers, all invading our space while talking at the highest decimal possible.
Oh well, maybe all of this sugar intake (my italian soda and cinnamon roll) will help take the "edge off". I blame it on the baby wanting all of that - not me.

So here are some of my fears about having "the kid"...
1. not really being prepared (ie. baby room, etc), mainly because I don't care. ?? They say that'll come when I begin to "nest". hmm...I'm still waiting for that to happen
2. that I could become "that mom" who takes 100 million pictures of (practicaly) the same pose of their child and posts them on Facebook or their blog. I pray I don't become like that
3. not knowing what to do when they cry for long periods at a time
4. giving birth
5. having the kid for the rest of my life
Are these thoughts normal? Please don't answer.

I am excited about this upcoming year. 2009 is going to hold a lot of changes for us; all of which I am excited for (even though they may share some of my biggest fears!).
I'm thankful that Jamie is taking it easier on school this spring semester so he can have more time to spend with me before the baby comes. Plus, he'll get to be at all of the dr's appointments with me. :) brownie points for him.
Well, I guess that's all for now.


no school, no work - YEAH for me!!!

Since Jamie has been done with his school semester, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with him!!
It's been so much fun hanging out now that he has more free time. Apart from doing a lot of traveling because of Christmas, we've spent a lot of time together. Usually this would drive me nuts, but because I know it won't last much longer (once we gets a full-time position somewhere) - I'm enjoying the time I get to spend with him now.
On Saturday we did our normal routine of sleeping in. Then we hit the road to head towards the Springs; a co-worker's sister offered to give us a baby crib for free. Although it isn't technically a crib, but rather a bassinet, we are still very thankful for what we've been given thus far.
I guess this will give me the good excuse to get a crib set of my choice now (ie color, style, etc.). :)
Then we ate lunch, got my haircut (or "whacked" as Jamie puts it), and then just relaxed at home.
Sunday we again spent the day together, but we mixed it up by having lunch w/ friends, then had fellowship w/ our small group.
All in all - I love spending time with my hubs!! (Another post may follow in the future of how he's driving me nuts...) ;)


Finally...early in the fall, we invited our dear friend, Deena, to come and stay with us until she found a place of her own. Well, she found a place and moved out on Friday. Our "little girl" is growing up!!
Jamie and I had really prayed about whether or not it would be wise for Deena to live with us. Since we had just gotten married no more than a year before, we weren't sure how it would all work out - but b/c God is good and answers our prayers, we had an awesome time w/ Deena.
And although it's always nice to have our space back, it's kind of weird not having her come in/out. We'll miss you Deena! But glad to know you don't live far. :)