Breeson: Today we went for Breeson's one month appointment, although we are a bit late b/c he is 5 weeks and 2 days old. He is in the 96th percentile in height and weight. At birth he was 8 lbs and 20 1/2 inches long. Today he is 12 lbs, 1 oz and 23 1/2 inches. The doc said babies on average grow 1 inch/month. We are not to be shocked or concerned if/when he slows down. We are thankful for a healthy, growing baby boy!! I think I should try and sell my breastmilk online. It's gotta be worth some money as much as it's helping Breeson grow!!?

Us: Jamie and I are truly enjoying this time off together. Although we continue to pray for a job for Jamie, we are still thankful God has allowed him to be home with Breeson and I during my maternity leave. I don't think I could've done it without him. Next Wednesday I head back to work. I'll start off part-time for one week as I get re-settled back into the work routine and balancing a family. When Jamie gets a job we will have to get someone to care for Breeson. I'm praying about that.
Tomorrow Jamie and I start our weight loss challenge against our friends, Clint and Theresa. We are doing it for 3 months. The couple who loses the most weight by September 1st will be treated to dinner (a "healthy dinner" mind you!!) by the losing couple.


Family Pictures

While we were in Birmingham, some sweet friends took our family pictures (thanks, Dan and Magen!!). To look at the rest of them, check out this site

1 month (yesterday)

Breeson turned 1 month (yesterday)...


catch up

well, we're back in Denver after our 2 week journey across 1/2 of America. We had a great time visiting family and friends in Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Missouri. In all, we drove over 2,400 miles and spent over 36 hours in the car.
**I will try and get pictures posted no later than the end of this week.
Breeson did pretty good. Poor guy, spent most of the 2 out of the 4 weeks out of his life in a car seat. We only had a few meltdowns on the road, but I think it was mainly due to him wanting to be held. :( It broke our heart to hear him cry in the backseat and not be able to do anything for him. He would eventually cry himself back to sleep.

Well, our son is now 1 month old today. Like everyone says, time flies by. Right now, he is sitting in his swing sleeping. I am not sure how much I'll get written on here... :)

Jamie and I are adjusting to parenthood. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful helpmate. Jamie has probably changed more diapers than I have. Thanks honey!!
I'm slowly adjusting to the little sleep that comes with having a baby. Although, Breeson has done a great job ever since he was born in sleeping in 3-5 hr shifts through the night.

I am pumping, but it's been a slow process. In fact, Jamie has only taken a few shifts during the last few weeks of having it b/c i haven't pumped that much. It's definitely been a slower/harder process than I thought it would be.

Today I (slowly) jogged to the dry cleaners (which is less than 1/3 of a mile from our house). It felt pretty good. I think I would like to try and find a 5K to run in by the end of the summer. I'm thinking long term goal here!!! :) We'll see...
I still have a few pounds to lose from my pregnancy. I still can't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I know it is from all of the sweets and pop I drank during pregnancy; now I'm paying for it. Jamie and I started our "diets" yesterday. We're trying to eat better. The road trip definitely didn't help (fast food, eating at our parents' house, and of course, the good 'ol Southern food!). I'm so glad we got pregnant when we did (even if it wasn't planned). I'm hoping the summer will help motivate me to get back in shape; although Jamie and I both agree that "round" is a shape!! :)


Our Saturday...

quick updates

Not much has been going on, except for the usual adjustments every new parents go through. We are doing okay on sleep, although it still never seems like enough. Here are a few updates:
  • Went to Breeson's 2nd week doc's appointment yesterday. He gained almost 1 lb in a week. Yikes! The kid likes his milk. :)
    He now weighs 9 lbs 5 oz.
  • Have had several friends stop by and bring us meals in the last week - thank you everyone!! It has been nice not having to cook, Jamie would agree, as he does most of the cooking anyways.
  • On Tuesday, we'll head out on our long road trip to Mississippi and Alabama. We'll stop by in Kansas on the way to Mississippi and stop in Missouri and Kansas again on the way back. We are very excited to see friends and family.
  • I went for my 2 week post delivery check-up. Everything seems to be going okay. I really desire to have my body back, but I know it'll take time. Plus, I just hate still being a little sore. I want to start exercising like normal again. Although, I'm sure I'll have other excuses when I am able to do it!! :)
  • Tomorrow Breeson will be 2 weeks old. It feels like he's been here forever! It's hard to imagine life before him. Even though he mainly eats, sleeps and poops, we still enjoy him and love him beyond what we ever imagined.
  • He's now evolved into a colicky baby usually from 7 p.m. - midnight. Poor Jamie, as this is his "shift" to take care of him. He's so patient w/ Breeson!
    Doc says that breastfed babies are commonly colicky from 5-11 or 6-midnight - which is exactly the times Breeson has it. Poor baby. Poor us.



Laundry has a whole new meaning now that Breeson is here...

Growing up, my mom taught us at a young age how to do laundry. I can't remember the exact age, but I remember doing a lot of folding while watching t.v.
As a kid, I hated doing it, but we didn't have much of a choice.
Moving into my college years, doing laundry was still an undesirable chore. I would hold off on doing it until I ran out of clean undies (it came in handy having over 31 pairs!!) :-)
When Jamie and I got married, we came up w/ a "system" to do laundry, since neither of us liked doing it. Jamie would start the clothes, then transfer them to the dryer. After they're dry, he'll lay them out so they don't get wrinkled. My job is to then fold and put away the clothes. It works out for the both of us!!

Laundry is becoming more of a daily thing. I didn't realize how bad breastmilk would smell if spilt on clothes, blankets, etc. I realize it is milk, but for some reason I always thought it wouldn't smell bad. ??? Go figure.
So needless to say, in theory we should always have clean clothes available since it seems like we're always doing laundry. Another "joy" of being a parent. But...I wouldn't change it for the world.

In the future, teaching Breeson how to do laundry will be one of the firsts! I may teach him how to do that before we even learn how to potty train. ;)