I decided to change up my hairstyle recently by adding bangs. Not sure when I've had them last?? Maybe in grade school. :) 


I finally got a few of our family pic's converted to canvas. Living Social was having 50% off deals so I jumped at the chance. I did get another 12x12 but it's not finished yet - it's of our wedding day. 
So I have a bit of a timeline now.  Each of the boys were "one" in each of the family pic's. I'm not sure where I'm going to hang them yet. I'm pleased w/ how they look. It gives a different style than just ordinary frames.


The Fab 5

Five years ago today, I married my best friend. It's crazy we've been married for 5 years already!?!
/We've had so many adventures in the last few years, two of them being called Breeson & Eagan! :)

It was such a fun, stress-free day. We both have great memories of our wedding day. We did a lot of non-traditional stuff in our ceremony, which represented us well. But at the same time, we incorporated Christ as the center of it, as that is what we wanted our wedding to represent as we started our lives together.


Family Pic's :: June 2012

I'm FINALLY posting a few family pic's that a friend/previous coworker took back in early June. Thanks Kandyce!! It's amazing how hard it is to capture kids. There were a lot of pic's where Breeson looked super cute, but then Eagan was doing his own thing, and vice-versa. So, needless to say, it wasn't hard to pick out the good pics. :)

Don't judge my (lack of) hairstyle. We were running behind on time!!

I love this one - even with Breeson's funny face. Ugh.