Not too much has been going on. I'm about to start my 33rd week. I go to the Dr this Friday for the usual check up, but this time they're going to start giving the low-down on what to expect. On Sunday, Jamie and I are going for the "crash course" on child birth preparation. We'll be there all day (11-5). We chose that rather than going several weekends in a row.
Sometimes I think not knowing what to expect is better off. I don't know!? :) Since hearing two dear friends' childbirthing experiences (Jenny and Ashley), I've been having crazy dreams.
The other night I dreamt that someone else gave birth to our child for me, so then I didn't have to do it (sweet!!), and all I had to do was deliver the placenta. But then I was worried b/c since I didn't do the actual delivery, I wouldn't know what to expect for the next time. Weird?!

Anywho, church planting is going. We're in constant prayer that God will be in the center of it all. Satan is really trying hard to discourage us. But he's NOT going to win this battle! The school in which we were to have our first service (Easter Sunday - only 2 weeks away) has been changed - not by our choice. So we're looking into other options. Please be in prayer with us as we had already sent out thousands of flyers with that school's location on it. But - after reading some encouraging words in Psalms this morning, I was reminded that if God is in it, then we shouldn't worry about the other things. I constantly have to reminded to "be still and know that I (He) am God...".

In other news...Jamie and I finally made our lists of baby names the other night. For those of you who don't know the plan, we each chose 3 names (he chose 3 boy names and i chose 3 girl names) and we then had to agree/disagree on those names. And when it comes to the birth, he will have the final say-so if it's a boy and I'll have the final say-so if it's a girl.
We actually didn't have too many disagreements! We know for sure that we won't name our child w/ a "J" name or anything that has a "juh" sound. I mean..."Jamie and Joy George". C'mon! Why would we continue this by naming our child w/ a "J" name!! :)
I will spill the beans on one name. I had really like the name Thadeus, and we would call him "Thad" for short. But then I was afraid kids would say "Thad George" (as in "that George" or "by George"). So it's a NO on Thad. :(
Otherwise...you'll just have to wait. I do like the anticipation of not even knowing myself what the name will be for sure if it's a boy. It's exciting!


Snow Day!!!!

Today was a snow day for me!! It was pretty fun to hang out w/ the hubby watching movies.
Here are a few pic's from our March blizzard! I'm not gonna lie - my fingers are crossed that work will be closed for tomorrow too. :)


Jamie's Birthday

Today is my hubby's birthday! (I won't say how old he is on here) :-)
I first met Jamie at The Cheesecake Factory in Birmingham, AL 4 years ago when he was visiting SEBC as a prospective student. God had placed on his heart to go back to school and possibly go into the ministry. I am so thankful God prompted his heart - otherwise, I would not have met my hubby. It's been a great year and half of marriage and I'm so excited to be on this adventure with him.
As most of you know, we are joining a group of pastors to start a
multi-ethnic church plant in NE Denver. Jamie will be doing Pastoral Care. It's truly been amazing to see God work in his life and transform him to where he is today. We are excited and nervous all at the same time - as there are a lot of changes coming our way!!
God has truly blessed Jamie with the gift of mercy, gentleness and patience - all being great attritubutes in helping get this church started, along w/ being a new "dad"!
I'm SO very blessed to have such a great husband.
Thank you Lord for thinking of me when you created him.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Jamie...Happy Birthday to you"


So today I had a good little laugh when I was taking my morning shower. I hate getting under the shower head until I know the water is at the temperature I want it to be at. My typical routine is I start the shower, wait a few minutes, then get in. However, (i'm not sure why I do this) I get in from the front and scoot to the back using the side of the tub - I guess I should just get in from the back? I never though of that until now. Anyways, today I realized that while I'm scooting to the back of the shower, I suck my belly in to avoid getting wet. But, sucking in doesn't really help right now and really doesn't make a difference!! My belly still got wet even though I really did try to suck in as much as I could. :)

Anyways...here we are 30 weeks!


for Carol

Here's my pic's from being tagged by Carol. They're pretty recent, as I am using my thumb drive to choose pic's from (i'm at a different computer right now). I may try and do it again using my computer - they'll be older pic's.

Here is the 6th pic from the 6th folder:

(6th pic from the top)
This is my dear (older!) sister - Mel, and her daughter - Isis.
It was taken this past Thanksgiving in Missouri.

(6th pic from the bottom)
This my parents and my nephews/nieces at the tree farm this past Thanksgiving.


We've just entered our 3rd Trimester (28 weeks).

note: please don't comment on the outfit - I still try and squeeze into my regular clothes b/c I get tired of wearing the same maternity clothes. :( The shirt probly doesn't fit the way a maternity shirt should fit...well, and neither do the pants!


Yesterday was a beautiful day! I think it made it over 70 degrees. After church, we spent some of the afternoon at Wash Park laying/lying (?? I always forget) on a blanket. One of the reasons I enjoy Wash park so much is there are so many people to watch - along w/ a million dogs; which only makes me want one even more.