Final weigh-in

Back in June, we decided to take on the challenge of Biggest Loser Couples against our friends, Clint and Theresa. We had 3 months to lose weight. Today was our last weigh-in.

Tonight is the night we'll know who won!!
I will say this, we didn't do too bad, although I know we could've done better.
To celebrate, Clint and Theresa are coming over to eat ice cream!! ;-)

I'll try and post pic's later, along with the results. Stay tuned.


4 months

Breeson, you're 4 months old today. You are growing like a weed! Plus, you're getting heavier and heavier to carry around. I won't be sad when you can start crawling and walking on your own. You're starting to really work out mom and dad's backs.
You have such a beautiful smile. I love walking into your room in the mornings b/c that's when you're the happiest. You give us the biggest smile when you first see us stand over your crib. Some of the things you enjoy is watching TV,
(constantly) chewing on your fingers, sitting in your Bumbo on the kitchen counter watching us work, playing in front of the mirror and checking yourself out, playing with your toys, laying on your play mat, and for a few seconds - entertain yourself in the exersaucer, which we're still working on. You're always moving and hate to sit still - which also scares me when I think about the future. You're also beginning to really enjoy your stroller. You especially enjoy it when you're facing out so that you can see what's going on around you. Which, you've always been that way. You won't let us hold you facing you towards us for very long, for fear of "missing out" on something. You're a very observant kid. You're still not sleeping through the night (*sigh*), but I usually get in a few ZZzz's while I'm feeding you. :) Throwing fits has become a norm, you usually throw at least 3 a day. Sad to say, but we have to leave you in your crib and walk away. We love you too much to let you continue throwing them. We'll continue to work on that as you get older. You really think Dad is a pretty funny guy. I think you two are going to be good friends. He can't wait to take you out on the golf course. You know you're going to be our retirement, right!? Dad can make you laugh and laugh, but when I try and do the same funny faces, you immediately stop and look at me w/ a blank face. What are you thinking?? "Mom, stop. You're not funny". :( Oh well...I know you love me too in a different way.
Well, here's to 4 months. We're so blessed to be your parents. We love you and are thankful God is allowing us to take care of you.


Race for the Cure

I signed up for the Race For the Cure 5K for October 4th. I just hope it doesn't snow. You never know in Denver. !?
If you want to support me and my goal of raising $150, go to my page

I'm running in honor of my Grandma, Doris. She is a Breast Cancer survivor for almost 25 years now. Praise God!!


Nordstrom's vs. Dillard's

This morning, I took Breeson out of the house so Jamie could write a paper. So, we headed to the mall. It's funny how you don't pay attention to bathrooms prior to having a baby. I know some of my girlfriends having already posted about this topic before on their blogs.
Anyways, while we were out, I knew I was going to have to feed Breeson. I remembered Dillard's having a sitting area, with even some cushioned chairs, in their bathroom, so I headed that way having already decided that's where I would feed him. After we got situated and Breeson began eating, I soon realized it wasn't the best decision. The sitting area was smaller than I remembered, and the door creaked really loud every time someone walked in/out. Plus the toilets making the loud flushing sound made Breeson all the more curious as to what was going on around him. So we packed up and headed out. Since he wasn't crying from only eating a 1/2 oz of milk, I decided I could take the time to find a better place to feed him. I headed to the opposite end of the mall towards Nordstrom's. Since it costs a little more to shop there, I rarely frequent it. We headed to the 3rd floor bathrooms, not knowing what they were like. I was appreciative to find a "Family Bathroom"...but this is what I found.

I figured it would be better than nothing. But decided to give the Women's bathroom a try. I walked in, and this is what welcomed me...

There was actually another room adjacent with a changing table and the stalls were several feet away, so we weren't as bothered w/ the flushing sounds. :)
Thank you, Nordstrom's for being family-friendly (and most of all, Mom-friendly). Breeson finished up his bottle and even fell asleep in there. I thought about letting him sleep in his stroller while I took a quick snooze on the couch. :) But figured people would think I was probly homeless or something. !!

Well, here's a picture of my sweet boy during our outing. He did a GREAT job shopping with me! Plus, we got some sweet deals today.

The End.


Birthday weekend...and other stuff

Well...I'm now officially OLD. I'm 28. For some reason 27 wasn't too bad; it's like it's the age prior to old age. :) Anywho...there's nothing I can do about it.

On Saturday morning, we hit up a consignment sale, hosted by Just Between Friends. We got the following items for $37.

Here's Breeson sporting his new exersaucer (or whatever they are). He may be a little young for it still, but he'll sit in it for a few minutes. When he's done, he screams to get out. Literally.


Labor Day Weekend

On Friday, we sold our truck, Clyde. It was kinda sad to see him go, but on the other hand, very happy because we are now debt free (except for school loans). So, we'll just have to make it work with one car right now. A lot of people do it - so can we!!

On Sunday, we headed to downtown for the "Taste of Colorado". It was just okay. The whole time we were there, as we were walking through the crowd, I kept thinking, "this is how Breeson will get swine flu". :(

On Monday (Labor Day), we went to the ROCKIES game. Rockies won!! It was Breeson's first baseball game. Needless to say, we didn't sit in our seats long. They were directly in the hot sun. We got there late, had to climb over everyone, sat down for about 5 minutes only for him to start screaming...so we got back up and scrambled over everyone again. :) We then went and stood on the main level where there was shade. But then everytime there was a good play and the crowd cheered, it scared Breeson!! :) UGH.

Here's a few recent pic's of Breeson. Here he is sporting his sweet Nike's from Aunt Marty. They're almost too small now.

Are we bad parents!!? :-) He seriously does like watching TV already.


one year ago already??

It's hard to believe this time last year I finished my first 1/2 marathon.
After being pregnant and having Breeson, I feel like I'm starting all over again; I wanna die after a mere 2 miles. :(
But...it takes time, I know. Slowly but surely.

I'll post pic's later on what we did over Labor Day weekend...


A good read

As a kid, I read ALL the time. I especially loved fictional books (Mandy series, Boxcar Children, etc). I read some in high school, but more of the expected reading the teachers gave; not so much "fun" reading. Then came college. After college, I didn't pick up a book for a long time. And when I did...some books never got finished. I think the last book I read from start to finish was The DaVinci Code, like 4 years ago. Sad, but true.
I did read some of the book, What to Expect When You're Expecting, but I only read what was applicable to the time of my pregnancy. I was not one of those girls who read up on everything before the baby came. Maybe that's why I'm pretty clueless on a lot of things.
But now...I'm reading A Splendid Thousand Suns, by Khaled Hosseini. It's a GREAT read. I can't put it down. I started it last week and I'm almost 3/4 done. I even read while I sit at the stop lights on my way home from work.
Khaled Hosseini also wrote the book The Kite Runner, which was inspired by the movie. It's a MUST SEE!!


what's the use??

We've decided to sell my wedding gown. I mean, what's the use in keeping it??
It made me kinda sad though when I pulled it out of the closet, yet at the same time, happy because of the wonderful memory of our wedding day. There are few reasons to sell it:
1. It takes a lot of room to store it, especially since we live in a little condo
2. The chances of me wearing it again on my 50th, or any other anniversary...not very likely.
3. The chances of my little girl (if we have one - and that's no gaurantee) wearing it, also not very likely. The dilemma and irony in this is, if I keep the dress, she won't want it. But if I sell it, then she'll want it.

My thought is, if it doesn't sell, then I may as well hold on to it.
If you know of anyone who needs a dress...let me know!!
I tried it on in Bridal shop where it was retailing over $700. I then bought it online for over $550. I'm selling it, with the veil, for $400 obo.