An update...of sorts

I guess I figured I would give a quick update on the sale {or lack of} of our home and directions in where God is leading us.
To say that He isn't leading us anywhere would be far from the truth. But to say that we are 100% in knowing where we're headed is also a farce. We know that God is working behind the scenes, but we're still waiting on those doors to open. This journey has definitely been stretching for us. We have had quite a few showings, just no bites. We once had an offer, but the girl low-balled us and we later found out she was shopping out of her price range. It's been a bit frustrating that our house hasn't sold, and yet I'm so thankful it hasn't at the same time. !? Huh? What I mean is that had it sold a month ago, we'd be packing up our belongings and heading nowhere. Well, not really nowhere. We both have loving family (and friends) who wouldn't allow us to be homeless, but the thought of moving somewhere temporarily with 2 kids and a dog doesn't sound appealing.

I've had my moments where I've cried out to God and asked "where" and "why". I can't say that I've had much feedback, except there have been times where I've felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I think a lot of that has to do with my husbands faith rubbing off on me. His faith and dependence on the Lord thru all of this has been amazing. I know he's not perfect, but he's been my constant source of strength (apart from the Lord) in reminding me that God has a plan for us all and that His timing is truly perfect.

As we head into this Lenten season, may we draw to Him and be reminded that God is all powerful and all knowing...even when we don't understand the "why's" and "what's" in life.


Life with boys...

...is fun, but exhausting!
They test my patience more than anything else in this world. Yet they give me so much love that I'm literally overflowing with pride. To be the "queen" of the house is gratifying, 
but can be lonely at times. 
I do long for the day to have a girl...so I can have the excuse to buy cute girl clothes and do her hair. Although I'm not exactly girl-y myself, it'd just be nice to know that once my children are grown, they won't get married and run off with their wives and leave me all alone (oh I'll still have Jamie! :)) 
However, I need to enjoy this time while I have it. B is my little Romeo right now. He is currently at the age where he constantly tells me he loves me. And that he wants to marry me, and buy flowers...and a plant (??!). We keep telling him he needs to wait 'til Valentine's Day to get them for me. Jamie tells B that he's already married to me and that "he needs to find another woman", which ends in (a fun) yelling match. It's quite humorous. 

In other news...
The boys are beginning to play more and more together...while having fun. We enjoy hearing them play in the other room - talking and laughing together. But like all brothers, they have their moments (some days more than others), that they fight like none other. I can't say that there is typically one over the other that starts it. They both do their share in causing the fight. Balls and trucks are their thing. They especially love bath time together. But with all of this bonding, I'm still not ready to move them in the same room. Breeson still wakes up early in the mornings to go to the bathroom, and I'm not sure he always goes back to sleep. Whereas Eagan will typcially sleep til 7:30 - 8 a.m. 
Why disrupt a good thing!?  :) And here's the beauty in all this, since Breeson is used to staying in his bed until we get up, we can usually sleep in 'til 7:30-8 (whenever E wakes up) until we have to get out of bed ourselves.


As you can see in this picture, Breeson was in need of a haircut. It was after we got home from his last hair cut (awhile back), that I realized the barber didn't do a very good job. But I figured I'd just let it continue to grow.

Today Jamie took B to get another haircut. This time I actually looked online to find a cut I wanted, rather than telling them to trim/cut it. So now, he looks so much older and his toddler looks are slowly fading. Sad face.



As for this guy...we don't call him Eagan Monster for no reason. This guy has a set of pipes on him. I won't have to worry about losing him in a store - he's SO loud. everywhere. all. the. time.
And although he has a sweet face, don't let that fool you. He's a handful. While 85+% of the time he's in a good mood and is quite loveable, he's just a handful. Not sure how else to say it. And he's ALL BOY!! I was able to keep most of Breeson's clothes to give as hand-me-downs to Eagan, but after Eagan wears them, we'll have to toss them. And let me tell you, this boy can eat. He's constantly saying "more, more, more..." We usually have to stop him and B at meal times. I dread the day of when they're 13 & 15. 

Right now, he's in the stage where he says "yup" to most questions. But the way he says it, he's a typical guy, giving it a short influx of the voice and is straight to the point. It's pretty darn cute when he says it. 

As for his hair...I can't bear to cut it just yet. This pic isn't the greatest at capturing his curls in the back, but they're sweet. I want to keep them for a while longer...