Labor Day

Labor is race day for me. I'm running my first 1/2 marathon in the Springs. Wahoo!!!
Jamie and I head down there Sunday afternoon so I can go and pick up my runners packet and so we can just relax once we get there.
I'm excited to do this. I've been training for a while now. I hope to keep it up afterwards; although lately it's been harder to get out to run lately.
Pic's will soon follow...


Democratic National Convention

Right now, Denver is hosting the Democratic National Convention. The last time it was held here was in 1908. So, last night Deena and I ventured to downtown to witness history in it's making. It was pretty entertaining to say the least.

I'm not sure if I was more intrigued or a little scared. When you find yourself between police lines and rioters/protestors, you begin to think the worst!! At one time I told Deena, "if anyone goes crazy and the police even look like their about to use tear gas, I'm running!!"

I will say it was pretty intense to be standing where we stood and see what we saw. Even though these pictures don't really capture the full sense of how many people there were, this may give you a small glimpse...

I've never seen so many police in one place, except on tv or movies. I'm not sure if it made me feel more safe, or scared. ??

(above: this is one of the many street vendors selling Obama shirts, buttons, bracelets, etc.)
(above: so this is part of when we were between the police lines and rioters/protesters. Check out the guy below and what he had to say. Deena and I were like, "why?" and what did it have to do w/ Obama. Whatever!!)
(above and below: are of a LONG line of bikers protesting shouting, "less oil, more bikes". It caused quite a jam towards the end)

(above: a view going into Larimer Square)


Rocky Mtn National Park

Here's a few pic's of our camping trip to Rocky Mtn National Park this past weekend w/ our friends: Clint, Theresa, Deena, & Cody.
This was our "B'ham reunion" before school starts on Monday.

Here are some friends that came and visited us Saturday morning before we left camp.

This was our "campfire" b/c we weren't allowed to have one in the park!!

It was a close call!!!


just because...

So the only reason I was joking w/ the post of "being pregnant" was because I know SO many people who are pregnant right now. It's the thing to do/be (?) I guess. :)
Plus, we keep getting attacked w/ the question, "when will it be your turn?". So just to mess w/ ya, I had to put something!!!
Sorry. Of course you will all know when we are. But for now...we're NOT.



So today is our 1-year Wedding Anniversary!!! I can't believe it's gone by so fast.
My first year of marriage has been amazing, and it's because I'm married to an awesome husband!
Tonight, we're headed to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.
That is where Jamie and I were first introduced back in 2005.
For our wedding, Jamie and I had Cheesecake, rather than typical wedding cake.
Plus it was extra special b/c it was homemade by my brother, Tony - who is an amazing baker & chef!!

So...cheesecake holds a special place in our hearts...and belly's!! :)
Our real wedding anniversary celebrations took place last weekend in Vail where we stayed at a sweet cabin!! (pic's are in an earlier blog).

I'll put up more pic's later. Ciao for now.



So, here is "Sake" (sau-kee), like the Japanese rice wine. Formerly known as Roscoe. We had to rename her b/c we didn't realize she was a he. But not like Sake has anything to do w/ her being from Japan, but rather how a mean drunk would act after drinking too much sake. :)
Not really. I'm making stuff up.
She does have a temper on her. Maybe once we get her spayed, she won't be so mean. She'll only allow you to pet her so long, then the biting begins. And believe me, her teeth are sharp!!

Other than that, we love our new child. She'll be grown before we know it.