The things I loved and (strongly) disliked in 2009:

Loved –
•The birth of our son, Breeson
•The changes a baby has made in our lives (his smiles, laughter, his mere presence, …)
•Jamie getting a position at The Light of Christ Anglican Church
•Losing so much weight, all due to breastfeeding/pumping
•Watching God provide in ways we never expected
•Building new friendships (through church, work, and neighbors)
•Walking the same path with girlfriends who also had a baby in 2009
•Friends visiting us in Colorado
•Us visiting friends/family in Kansas, Mississippi and Alabama

Disliked –
•The changes a baby has made in our lives (loss of sleep, routines, gross diapers, strong-willed personality, …)
•The stupid changes at my job
•Out of routine of working out/running
•Saying good-bye to friends as they move away
•Not being able to drink as much caffeine as I want. Well I could, but then I’d pay for it with a sleepless baby.

Well that’s 2009 in a nutshell for me. The things “loved” definitely outweighs the things “disliked”; for that I’m grateful!!
Blessings to all in 2010.


Our Little Christmas

Here's a few pic's from our Christmas...

A few days before Christmas, my childhood friend, Jenny, stopped by on their way home to Kansas. Little Levi is just a couple months older than Breeson. They loved each other!

Here's a few pic's from the Children's Pageant at church. Breeson was baby Jesus. I had to be his "guardian angel". He did pretty good. Mary was only able to hold for like 5 seconds before he got too squirmy for her. :)

I made my mom's cinnamon rolls for the first time!! They were a success, if I do say so myself! I made them for our neighbors as Christmas presents.

Here's Breeson on Christmas morning - excited to open presents.

Lookin' sweet in his Christmas outfit. I only made him stay in it long enough for pic's.

We had a nice candlelight Christmas dinner. This is one thing I hope to start as our family tradition.


Olden Golden

This Thursday (Christmas Eve) at our church, the children will be having their Christmas Pageant. They've asked Breeson to be baby Jesus. Although Jesus was sinless and perfect, I'm sure he was still a baby and acted up, right!?! ;) I'm going to have to be an Angel so I can be up there to help w/ him when he starts getting fussy/rowdy. The girl playing Mary hardly weighs more than Breeson!! So yes, I'll be the only adult standing up there. Pictures to come... :)

This weekend we ventured over to Golden for their Old Time Christmas. We watched the parade and then walked around the cute shops. This is our first Christmas as our own little family. We're not going to see extended family this year, as we took a longer time visiting them over the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm excited about starting our own traditions, yet it seems a little strange not going anywhere.

Here are a few pic's from the weekend:


3 years ago today...

3 years ago today, Jamie and I "officially" started dating. Although we did a little dancing around prior to this, we made it official the night we went and watched It's a Wonderful Life at the Alabama Theater with our dear friends, Zack and Jaclyn.

This is us 3 years ago...

And here we are today...


You've gotta check this out...

A-mazing!! Thanks KK for introducing me to his music.
First watch this...

Then watch this...

also, see our exciting news below in new post below...

Good News!!!

Good News: Jamie is now the Young Adult Coordinator for The Light of Christ Anglican Church in Lakewood, CO. (it's about 25 minutes from where we live now) TLC is part of the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA). To learn more, go here. We are very excited about this position. He starts this week beginning as Part-time. The church will re-evaluate next year where he could possibly go full-time in January 2011. Praise God for this opportunity to serve.
The church is primarily seniors, hence the reason they are bringing Jamie (us) on - to help bring in young adults.
So far, everyone has been so nice and welcoming. They even invited us to their Christmas staff party!!
All thanks to God for opening this up, but we are very thankful for our dear friend, Clint, who helped 'network' for Jamie. Thanks Clint.


Thanksgiving 2009

We had a great time in Kansas for Thanksgiving this year. We made it a longer trip because we won't be going back for Christmas. The thought of driving 8 hrs with Breeson in such a short time didn't sound appealing. Although, he did really well on this trip; he slept a lot!!
We spent most of the time in Kansas, but we did make a short trip to Branson to spend time with my brother and sister-in-law.

This bassinet now sits in my mom's (aka Grandma's) play room for the grandkids. They use it for their baby dolls. However, my mom used it for both my older sister and I when we were babies. My sister put Breeson in there one night when she was trying to get him to sleep - it worked!! And the thing is still pretty sturdy too.

Here is Breeson at 6 months.

One of the main reasons we went home at Thanksgiving rather than Christmas is because my Grandma turned 90!! (She's the one in the red sweater sitting down)We threw her a party. It was supposed to be a surprise party, but she found out. We still had fun!!

It was fun being in Branson with my parents, plus Jamie's mom flew in from Mississippi. Breeson got spoiled and was held a lot. We are now paying for it. :(

Breeson did great sitting on Santa's lap. I was actually (secretly) hoping he would scream his head off; it would've been a funnier picture.

We got to see some of my old (K-state) friends and their kiddo's.

See other new post below...

Going Green: Doing our part

We decided to give cloth diapers a try. Although the cost up-front was a lot, it should be worth it in the end. They say on average, a baby who uses Luvs from birth to 2-3 yrs can cost around $2,500. Ouch! The set below was a little around $250. We still need to buy more, but we thought we would try them out first.

The way these work is: there is an outer shell, liners and extra absorbency pads. The liners snap in (essentially they work like a maxi pad, you just snap it in, then take out when it's wet), and you can reuse the outer shell 3-4 times in a day. These diapers even have disposable diapers so when I'm out and about, I can put them inside the shell and then throw them out. The only downside to it is, it gives Breeson a huge pidunka dunk!!



Breeson hanging out with his cousins at Grandma and Grandpa Claassen's house in Kansas...



This year, I'm thankful for...

-a healthy (and active) son
-a husband who serves Breeson and I EVERY day in big and small ways
-Starbucks new icecream
-a big refund check from the hospital (after paying Breeson's hospital bills, we found out my insurance had already covered it). Praise God!!
-family who loves and supports us
-hard trials in our lives so that it draws us closer to God
-a church family who has been very supportive in the last year
-good health
-close friends who are experiencing life the same way we are (having a new addition in the family)
-living in Colorado!!
-being able to work

If I think of more, I'll add them later. :)


Just a quicky

This is going to be a short summary of what's been going on...

**exciting news will be revealed soon re: Jamie's pursuit in a ministry position

**VERY high stress regarding my job. Several incidents happened last week which has caused a lot of hurt and frustration. Please pray for me, as well as Jamie, who has to deal with an emotional wife

**Breeson's 2nd tooth is coming in

**this Saturday is our 3rd Annual Wine & Cheese Tasting Party. Woot woot! Can't believe we've been doing this for 3 years now!!? Where has the time gone? I'll try and post pic's after the weekend



A lone little tooth has broken through!!



We had some friends visiting from Alabama last week. Here are some pic's to prove it (to prove we have friends, that is!).

Me to Theresa: "are you SURE you have the other child carrier?"
Theresa to Me: "YES, I'm sure" ;-)
**just messin' with you Ter, we still love you.

The snow was crazy weird the day we hiked. It was dry snow, plus it felt and looked (but disappointingly didn't taste like) Dippin' Dots.

Theresa and I goofing off. Don't ask. :-) !?!

Jamie measured our snow drift by our house yesterday - 3 feet!!

Breeson sporting his cool hair due.

Breeson turned 5 months old!
STILL not sleeping through the night, but we have a new agenda. I get up and feed him once before midnight, but then let him cry himself back to sleep during the hours of 12-5 a.m. I was doing this length of time before, but using different hours. Through a suggestion of a coworker, we decided to change the hours so that he can start getting the idea that from 12-5, it's supposed to be sleep time. So we'll see. So far, so good.



They're predicting anywhere from 8-14" of snow between tonight and Thursday. This is supposed to FALL, not winter!!! Ugh. This only makes me want to put up my Christmas tree even more.


not much

Not much to say right now. I just got over a (short-lived) cold/sinus infection, but now Jamie has it. Hopefully Breeson won't get it. We've got friends coming for dinner tonight and to watch The Office.

Tomorrow I'm using a vacation day!!! Yeah, my weekend starts in...5 minutes.
Some friends from B'ham are in Denver visiting, so we're all headed to the mountains tomorrow where we'll stay overnight in a condo. Since it snowed ALL day yesterday, it looks like we'll get some snowshoeing in. Yeah for that.
We're going to visit a different church on Sunday. It has recently started meeting in a funeral home, the ironic thing is, the name of the church is called "Resurrection Church". :)

Well, I'm pooped and I'm ready to go home and take over so my hubby can take a break and maybe a quick nap before friends come over.

I'll try and post pic's from this upcoming weekend.



Which one should Breeson be for Halloween!?!? :)
I found these online when I was searching for Halloween (or "Fall Festival") costumes for Breeson. I have no clue what we'll do this year...I probly won't do anything in the end.


watch the ENTIRE thing

Watch this video...but make sure you watch it to the end. It's crazy!!!



Jamie and Joy news:

Life has been pretty busy lately. It seems like we're always on the go. At least for me it has been. I know Jamie's days can go by kinda slow sometimes, since he's at home more than I am. But lately, he's been busier with taking care of Breeson, doing his internship with the church and has lately been meeting with a lot of pastors (all thanks to God of course, and our friend, Clint).
This past Tuesday, we had a couple visiting our office from the UK. I got to be "tour-guide" that day. I took them to Colorado Springs to Garden of the Gods then to Focus on the Family.
Tonight, we're headed over to some friends' house for dinner, then immediately heading over to another couple's house to celebrate Theresa's birthday. Yeah for turning 28!!
This upcoming weekend we've got something going on every day.

Next week Jamie has been summoned for Jury duty. We hope he won't have to do it b/c we've yet to find a babysitter. If need be, I'll just take time off of work. But we're super excited about our friends visiting from Alabama (Holly, Zeb and Zoe)!! Next weekend we'll all head to Dillon to stay in a sweet condo. Hopefully there'll still be some snow so we can go snowshoeing.

Breeson news:

He's now 4 1/2 months old and still in the 95% for both height and weight. A few weeks ago he turned over once, but hasn't done it since. He STILL isn't sleeping through the night, even with him eating rice cereal, and me putting more cereal in his bottle at night.Ugh. I think if I put the whole box of cereal in his bottle, he would STILL wake up in the night.
I am finding that he is a routine guy. He wakes up every 3 hrs in the night for food, whether he's hungry or not. When I feed him at 8 p.m. (after feeding him cereal and putting more in his bottle at night), he still wakes up at 11 wanting to eat. So lately, I'll go in his room, comfort him without picking him up, then walk out. He cries for a little while but then goes back to sleep for about another hour. I then feed him at around 12ish. Last night when I tried to comfort him, he would doze off, then cry, doze off, then cry...I slept on the floor in his room by his crib and every time he cried I would get up and comfort him. :/



Last night, we went to dinner with our dear friends, Clint & Theresa. We went for 2 reasons: 1. losers bought winners dinner at PF Changs for winning the Biggest Loser Couples Challenge and 2. This month is both of their birthdays.
**we lost the weight loss challenge. :(

And for all of you who don't live near us and don't get to see Breeson on a regular basis, this is how sad he is that you don't live near him...

**this is the look we always get when he's about to cry...it breaks our hearts.