We have so much to be thankful for and to give God praise. Thanks so much to our family and friends who have been so supportive in praying for us as we waited on God's plan for the next phase in our lives. It gives us great joy to tell you that our house is under contract, and we have officially accepted a position in Longmont, CO. Jamie will be the Associate Pastor at Epiphany Anglican Fellowship, working with Fr. Gerry Schnackenberg.

We are thankful to get to stay in Colorado. Longmont is around 35 miles North of Denver. We'll be closer to Loveland, Eldora and Rocky Mtn National Park!
Although I'll (Joy) miss the many perks of big city living (ahem, Ikea - sad face).
We are excited to work with Epiphany because we can already see how sacrificial and faith based they are. God already has a great team of people working in that church and the fact that we get to be a part of it is humbling.

Our closing date on our house is the end of the month and we are set to move to Longmont around that same time. We plan to live in temporary housing until we find the right house to buy there. Please continue to be in prayer as we pack up, and will soon be adjusting to a new place and new people. Pray especially for the boys that they can be flexible and adjust well to their new environment. One of my top prayers is that wherever God moves us, there will already be a young family where the boys can make friends with kids around their ages.

Praise be to God...