2nd Trimester...(almost) done

Jeepers Creepers...It's hard to believe we're already ending
the 2nd trimester and about to begin the 3rd.
As of Friday, I turned 27 weeks.
This coming Thursday I go to the doctor for the 2nd time this pregnancy!!

During this pregnancy I feel like I've gotten a wide range of opinions on my size. I get anything from "wow, you're small for being that far along", to "are you sure you're not carrying twins?".

One lady in particular likes to comment in a very opinionated fashion her view of my size and my clothes. She was the first to argue that I could possibly be carrying twins, and that was much earlier in my pregnancy. Then just a couple days ago, she stopped me and said, "that outfit you wore last week was very flattering, but today, well not so much..." (along with a shake of her head of disapproval) as she walked off.
She is an older lady and I've had ladies tell me that when they were pregnant a couple decades ago, they did their best not to show their pregnancy.
Eh...I just have to let those kind of things roll off my back...or maybe my belly!! ;)



If you were to stop by my house unannounced today, you would witness one or all of the of following...
  • a (still) very sick little boy who can't seem to shake off this infection
  • a now sick mommy who has a bad sinus infection and is still in her pj's at 1 pm (i've never been punched in the face but that's what the entire left side of my face feels like. if i touch it, it's the same feeling as when you push on a bruise)
  • a messed up bed from when we crawled back in mid-morning and slept for an hour
  • dishes in the sink
  • a semi-clean house - and that's only b/c my awesome hubby took time to quickly clean, vacuum, and run to the drug store all before heading to work himself, all while fighting a cold himself
  • meds all over the counter, including a breathing machine for B - you would think we're running a small drug store here
  • a sick boy who follows me around saying "want mommy"
  • a mommy who is enjoying this time of rocking her "baby" while she has the opportunity
All that to say though, we'll all be thankful when this time passes. I miss my boy who is constantly running around and eats like non other. His appetite for the last week has been very poor. It's hard to get him to eat anything. And when it comes to taking his antibiotic, we have to hold his mouth open, all while him crying/screaming as we shove it down his throat before he spits it out. I. hate. that.
And to think...8 more days (2x/day) of that.
I hope this makes me that much more grateful for when we are well - it's so easy to take it for granted. I can't imagine how people do it on a daily basis when they deal with long term illnesses. God be with them and give them strength...


Sunday catch up

Can't believe it's practically been a week since I last blogged. Where has the time gone?
Today, I look like a bum with my yoga pants, tshirt and slippers. I figured today would be a good day to catch up on here. Breeson's been pretty sick this weekend, so we stayed home while Jamie went to church.
Of course on Monday, we celebrated Valentine's Day. Since Jamie and I went out on our special date on Sunday night, we stayed in as a family on Monday night. (if you haven't read the post from our Vday date - please do so below - it's quite amusing!)

Breeson loved his miniature heart cake I made him:

We got him a small Vday gift (bath toys):

Beautiful tulips from my awesome hubs:

Jamie and I have a tradition of him making his special Spaghetti on Vday (it's really YUM - but I won't give away his secret ingredients):

...and me making a heart cake:

As for the rest of the week, it was spent on continuing to work in the basement
in preparation of moving down there. We're getting closer!!
I won't post pic's until it's completely done.
Now, don't get too excited, it's not like a major rehaul happened.
We basically expanded closet doors, added sheet rock where the previous owner had been lazy, and have done a lot of painting.
But it's big to us. And so far, we're happy with how it's coming along.
One thing we are finding out about projects, they take a lot more time then planned and cost more than expected. We've made so many trips to Lowe's/Home Depot lately...they might as well keep our credit card on file there.

Breeson's also been sick a lot this week. It first started as a cold, nothing major. But then his temp's just wouldn't stay down on a consistent basis. I hate pumping the kid up with med's all the time. But when he wasn't on them, his temp would go up. I think last night we finally made a break through. !? I'm praying. His cough still continues to linger.

Yesterday Goodwill had there 50% off sale. So B and I hit it up.
I was hoping to find a dresser for his room - that was a no go.
I did find this though! He's moved from his highchair w/ tray to this and is now sitting at the table with us like a "big boy". I kept telling him yesterday that the old chair was for the baby (as I pointed to my belly). He seemed to get it. He would point to the new chair and say "mine". A sweet co-worker just gave us her sons old toddler bed, which we'll be adjusting to sometime within the next week or two. Depending on how soon we get moved downstairs.
I'm a little nervous about all of the changes he'll be going through, but I guess it's better now than after the baby comes...which will be a big enough adjustment.

Well, back to being Sunday...my pot roast, potatoes & carrots turned out horrible today. I put them in the crockpot around 7:30 and at 12:30 the veggies were still hard. :( The meat was done though. ? I should've started it off at "high" then turned it down. I just figured with it cooking for 5 hours on "low", they'd be done. So, we're gonna have Stew/Hash with the leftovers. If they are still hard at 5:30 pm, then I think something's really wrong with the veggies...or my crockpot!?


Valentine's Day

Here we are on our Valentine's date night last night.

We had a great time - despite the hiccups. ;-)
Last week we had bought a coupon from Living Social Denver for a steak dinner at pretty pricey restaurant. We bought a $35 coupon so that we could spend $70 there. Looking online at their website before we went, we were pretty stoked we got such a great deal.

We dropped B off at the babysitters and headed downtown. Since we had time to spare, we walked around the 16th Street Mall beforehand. Our reservations were at 6 p.m.
When we arrived at the restaurant, we were surprised to see cameras on the outside. We knew something was up when they asked for our ID's upon arrival (it only gets worse!).
As the waiter took us to our booth, we knew right away where we were. In the center of the room there were runways and poles. And of course it smelled of smoke in the room.
We were both kind of in shock but went ahead and sat down.
After realizing where we were, we asked the waiter if there was going to be any dancing, and he said probably not until around 10ish. Thank goodness!! Our discomfort only got stronger and we knew we should just bail.
I was a little bummed we'd be losing out on $35, but then to our dismay he informed us that we HAD to get the Chef's Valentine Special which was $140 per couple. That meant since we spent $35 on the coupon, we'd be spending EXTRA $$ just to get our food.

Boo!! So needless to say, we knew we DID NOT want to support a place like this anyway, so we left and headed to Maggiano's where we had some good laughs and good food!!
It was a funny night to share with my Valentine.
**I should probably get the "best wife of the year" award for taking my husband to a strip joint for Valentine's Day, right!?! ha ha.

Disclaimer: we did get our full refund today from LivingSocial - thank goodness. I really like using their coupons and would've been bummed to have to stop. AND, we did not see any women dancing on poles during the duration of our time there!!

Double Disclaimer: CY Steakhouse is NOT just a steakhouse. At first glance of their website, it is a bit deceiving. We regret to say we did not see this at the bottom of the web page:

Q. How do I find and enter the Steak House?
A. CYSteak is located adjacent to the Diamond Cabaret, a Denver Gentlemen's Club and local legend. You may enter via the club or directly into the restaurant from Glenarm Street.


Praise God...from whom all blessings flow

I don't really know what else to say, except PRAISE GOD!!! As most of you know, our lives have been a bit crazy in the last year, and with that comes changes in jobs/positions. When we found out we were prego with kid #2 last fall, we were thrilled (maybe not at first) and a bit nervous. How are we gonna pay for another kid?
Well, we thought all of our prayers were answered when Jamie was offered to become the GM (in training) at his part time job; which meant he'd go full time and get full time benefits, including myself. Well, God must've thought different b/c at the very end of December, we found out it wasn't gonna work. Plus, we always knew that it wasn't his end goal in life to become the GM of a Chick-fil-A. So we decided we'd go back to where we were and stick w/ the part time ministry position at church and part time at CFA; all the time trusting that God would continue to lead and provide. We felt "called" to be faithful in what He'd entrusted us, even jobs.
All that to say, since we are both working part time jobs, neither of us can get insurance through our employers; which meant we were just using our individual family plan.
Individual health insurance = no maternity coverage
So what do we do next?? As of January 31st, I stopped my insurance b/c I was trying to apply for Cover Colorado (a health insurance plan that does not deny anyone with pre-existing conditions). The hitch: it costs $400 per month for me alone. Yikes!!
When I was prego with B, I had tried to enroll in Medicaid, but unfortunately (or fortunately!?) we made too much to qualify.
That is...until we recently learned about CHP+, another form of Medicaid in which you can apply if you make more than the amount that qualifies you for Medicaid.
Even for this, we were gonna be close to the cut off amount in which you can be eligible. But we figured we'd give it a try. Just this morning, I went down to the hospital to enroll for this (took 2 1/2 hours - not fun while trying to entertain a 20 month old!!) - but it paid off.
Praise GOD - I was accepted!!!!
Which means!?! "All pregnancy care is free, including prenatal care, labor and delivery, and visits after you deliver. Other medical care, such as prescriptions, may have small co-payments depending on your family size and income".
No, I am not ashamed to say I am on medicaid. This is just another way of God blessing our family and showing us that He does care and love us and watches over our needs...big and small.