Out of Control...

Waldo Canyone Wildfire - near Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Friends, please be in prayer for us in Colorado. Several wildfires have recently destroyed a LOT of land and homes. The biggest one recently started a few days ago (High Park Fire), which is N of Denver near Fort Collins. Today, the Waldo Canyon Fire got out of control (NW of Col Springs). Several hundred homes have been destroyed as well as many, many acres of land. Please pray God will send us rain soon. We desperately need it!!


Birthday Party (1 & 3 years)

 As I had mentioned in an earlier post, we celebrated the boys' birthdays in Kansas this year, where they got to do it with Grandparents, cousins, and friends. Since we flew in the day before, we just kind of threw things together. I was pleased though with the turn out and was thankful to everyone who came.
 Here is the birthday cake. I was SOO happy with it. If you live in the Whitewater/Wichita vicinity, be sure to check out Julie Johnson, who makes these in order to raise support for the upcoming adoption of their baby girl from China. It was super tasty too!! She is so talented and God is using her talent so they can help touch a child's life. If you're also interested in helping support them in this journey, be sure to check out her blog.
The boys had fun opening presents. Again, thanks to everyone who came to love on them!!! They loved their toys, books, and money (which went to buying them an inflatable pool and bike helmets).

 A few of the party guests. It was great seeing some of my girlfriends too that I haven't seen in a long time, and even meet some of their little ones.
 This picture is extra special to me, because both of the boys' GREAT Grandma's made it. They are both Godly, sweet ladies who have been great examples in my life.

He was sad that it was almost done! :) When he realized that he still had some left (which was w/ in seconds), he was fine.