Someday...I will update our blog. 65% of the time I feel sick and the rest of the time I'm just tired. So until things start to look better, this blog will look about the same. Sorry.
I PRAY I feel better once the 1st trimester is over with. 3 more LONG weeks to go. :(


Changing it up...

Well, it looks like we need to change one of these...

into one of these...

A few Answers to any Questions you may have...

  • When's the due date?: May 28, 2011 (Breeson will have just turned 2 - his bday is May 24)
  • Was it planned?: no, it was a surprise, but we're excited now.
  • How am I feeling?: sick. More sick than with Breeson. I never threw up in the first pregnancy, but with this one, I can barely keep solids/fluids down. And of course I am super nauseas.
  • How far along am I now?: On Friday, I turned 8 weeks
  • Are we going to find out the sex?: NOPE! Nor will we disclose any names we're thinking of.
  • Do we have a preference on the sex?: yes, we I really want a girl this time. That's partly the reason we're not finding out the sex. No matter what we have in the end, we'll be happy with, but if I find out we're having a boy, then I'll feel disappointed the rest of the pregnancy. ;)
  • Am I showing yet?: I sure hope not.
  • How many pregnancy tests did it take before we I believed it to be true?:


FALL is here...

I love fall!! I need to change out the summer clothes for the fall/winter clothes, but I keep procrastinating. I did change some of our house decor for some pumpkins and gourds. I just wish I had a cute wreath for the door. I did like some of Ash's ideas on her blog. I thought about buying one, but they were expensive. And most wreaths don't keep if you store them. I couldn't reason myself into buying one for only one year. I keep saying I want to start cooking some fall food (soups, pumpkin stuff, etc.), but I haven't got to that either. I guess you could say...I've been lazy lately. As you can tell by my neglected blog.

We Jamie has been doing a great job on working on our back yard. We transplanted 3 of the rose bushes and re-bricked the patio area. It already looks 10 times better than when we first moved in. Hopefully by the spring we'll have gotten some patio furniture, and seeded some of the bare areas for grass.
Let me just put a disclaimer that patio furniture is expensive!! Who knew? I've been looking on CL, but people are trying to resell theirs for too much, as if it's super nice stuff (and it's not usually). When we get more stuff done, I'll be sure to post pic's.
We've even took a part of the corner lot and made it a compost area so that we can have a vegetable garden next summer. I'm excited about that!

Well, I'm going to try and sell my (huge) Christmas tree on CL. For being an artificial tree, it's beautiful if you've ever seen it. It's pre-lit (white lights) and stands 6 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide on the base. Sadly enough, our house is not big enough. The condo where we lived before had high ceilings and we had more room in our living room. Right now, we're a bit cramped upstairs with a dining room table/chairs, server, love seat, and a dog kennel.
So, we'll get to buy a real tree, but a lot smaller for our living room! Anyways. I don't know why I'm talking about Christmas. I want to enjoy fall right now. I was actually frustrated when I went in Hobby Lobby at the end of August and they had all of the Christmas stuff out already. And while I'm thankful that Hobby Lobby is a Christian based organization, and I love to support them, I wish they would take the holidays in stride. C'mon already, let us enjoy the fall holidays (halloween and thanksgiving), then get us excited for the Christmas season later on. I think it kinda takes away the excitement. Do I stand alone on this??

Speaking of Halloween, I'm not sure what Breeson is going to be this year. I had a great idea, but then it dawned on me that it'll most likely be pretty chilly by the time the end of Oct gets here. So my idea won't work this year. It woulda been funny though!! :)

Something random: because we're so high tech and up to date, we decided to buy a VCR player. Kids, you may be asking yourself, "what is that?". Well, it's a device that plays tapes. And 'what are tapes' exactly? They are the things that came before DVD's!! :)
Our reason for stepping back into time? A sweet lady from our church keeps giving us bags (literally) full of tapes for Breeson. They're Veggies Tales and Pengiuns, and maybe some others. We decided that if we were to re-buy all of them on DVD, it'd be over $150+. So we figured we would just run to the thrift store, buy a $10 VCR and use the tapes. Breeson loves them so far. I'm not sure what he loves more? Playing w/ the VCR or the tapes better!? :)