Time with family

We had a great time at the Claassen Family Reunion. Although it was hard to see my Grandpa's health having changed so much since we saw him last. It's sad knowing him and Grandma aren't living together anymore (he's in the nursing home now). I can tell they miss each other. Here is the Daniel Claassen famil, minus a few...
Here is Breeson w/ his cousins...
On Saturday morning, Tony, Gina, Paul and I ran a 5K in Park City. The heat/humidity even at 7 a.m. was still brutal.
Here's our family, minus my sister
but here she is...maybe we can photoshop her in! :)


I love my boys!
(Father's Day 2010)


a few pic's

Well, we've been working hard the last several days to get where we are, and we still have a long ways to go...
In the mean time, here's a few pic's to show us getting settled in.

Our bedroom: (it's a small space, but it's cozy. The square footage in this house is a few hundred square feet bigger than the condo, but the room space is smaller)
the kitchen - before:
and after: (I had to go with a deep yellow; everyone does red kitchens or red dining rooms - and although I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE red walls, I had to be different) p.s. all of my curtains, along w/ the ones in our bedroom are compliments of Target tablecloths that I converted into curtains!! FYI, they have great patterns/material for tablecloths.
before: (the weird layout)
after: (still the weird layout...but we'll make it work, for now)
In the process of moving in:
After: (don't look at our mess)
More pic's to come of the family room, guest bedroom/office and B's room...stay tuned.
(And DON'T post any comments on here in Chinese, or else!!)



For all of you readers (whoever you are??) that writes "comments" on my blog in Chinese, or whatever it is, please STOP!!! Please write it in English, I'm not Chinese. I may be Korean, but I don't read or write it.

Thank you.



For some reason time seems to be standing still right now. The last week has felt more like a month. Here is what my schedule has been every day for the past week+:
7 a.m. get up
8-4 p.m. - go to work
4-8ish - play w/ Breeson
8-11 - continue unpacking and organizing
11-12 - check e-mails, FB, blogs and catch up w/ Jamie once he gets home around 11:30ish
12-7 sleep

...and then the day starts over and I do the same thing over again.

I think once we get completely unpacked life will be much better. I'm so tired of feeling unorganized. Plus we're having an open house Thursday night (church is hosting it for us) and we're having the Young Adults group over on Saturday night, so that is a big push to get things done around here.
Plus, Breeson and I get lonely w/ out dad around in the evenings. :(
I've been trying to continue running, but now I have to do more of it w/ Breeson and the jogging stroller, which I'm not a big fan of, but it works. The weather has been nice and we've been getting to know the neighborhood. There's a great park not too far from our house.

Well, i know i didn't really write anything substantial in this post, but I'm super tired and need some ZZZzzz's.


slowly but surely

sorry i haven't had much time to blog lately. life has been crazy busy. between our many jobs, moving and life in general, we haven't had much time to post. i will try and get some pic's posted soon. i've just been waiting b/c our house is still a huge mess.
we can't find anything and we're slowly making a dent in our unpacking. we'll get there...slowly but surely. plus, on top of it all, our internet is not being transferred until this coming Friday, so i'm currently "borrowing" our neighbors. so the signal isn't that great. check back soon for updates.



Well, I ran the BoulderBOULDER 10K yesterday, Memorial Day. It went pretty well. I made my goal of doing it under 60 minutes. In fact, according to my time chip, I did 59:59.30!! Ha ha, close huh!? I'm glad it was over though. My Nike ipod sensor was off by a whole Kilometer. So when it said I was supposed to be done, I actually had 1K to go. I was pretty much cursing in my head when I entered the stadium. Then when I realized I had to run around the entire stadium before finishing, I almost cried. I had to go to the bathroom SOO bad (and not pee, sorry if that's TMI).

The A-team: Stuart, Katie, Allison, Tim and me

Our fan club: (I think they both have the same look on their face!!)
These two wonderful faces were at the end waiting for me: