Monday's make me sick...literally

Well today was one of those days that was SUPER long and not so fun - mainly b/c both Breeson and I were home sick. He's been dealing with a cold the last few days and it finally caught up with me starting yesterday. Today though he's had the runs (sorry for the details!!) and I've had a bad sinus infection/head cold of some sorts.
I know Breeson is sick when he doesn't eat - this is the kid who, if you let him, would eat 10 times a day...no joke. We constantly hear him say, "I need a nack" (he can't seem to get the "s" in front of "snack"). I blame the daycare on that one b/c they have snack time 2 x's/day.

Plus, we definitely stayed in b/c it was COLD outside.
It's not like we're getting a blizzard here, but considering the fact that today's high was 8 degrees and tomorrow's high is -2, it's a big jump from Saturday when it was 60 degrees and we played outside in a long sleeve T!! Because of the subzero temps, schools are canceled for tomorrow - which means B's daycare is closed too. Jamie will most likely be able to stay home from working at the church, unless I end up staying home tomorrow too if I'm not feeling any better by tomorrow.

Even though it's only been one day, I get cabin fever really fast. On my days off with Breeson, we usually like to go out and find something to do. Even if it's just walking around at a store. So today made felt extra long b/c we didn't go anywhere.

It's now 5 and he has zonked out on the couch...


Project #1

I finally got one of my (many) projects done. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time. Plus, I've really been wanting a cake platter. So I made my own, all for under $5. The only downside...there is no cover.

I used a candle holder as my base and an oversized plate.

I used white semi gloss spray paint - kinda wish I woulda got super glossy. I gave it a few good coats and even sanded a couple areas where the paint had left drip marks.
I then super glued (Gorilla Glue to be exact) the base to the plate.

And voila. My new cake platter. I will have always use paper doilies due to using spray paint, but that's a small price to pay for how cheap it was. Plus, I recycled other parts to make it, which makes me feel good.


I'm going to start...I promise!!

So I did end up going to the thrift store Wednesday afternoon. I got a LOT of stuff all for under $30!! However, now I have several more projects to start and I'm not sure how/when they're all going to get done. If you remember from this post, I already had some things I needed to get done. But, deals are deals. It's hard to pass them up when they're so cheap. I went to Savers, which is typically tons cheaper than Goodwill (don't even get me started on when prices are higher at a thrift store than they are at a new store!!).

So here's my loot from Wednesday...

I plan to put these in one or both of the kids' bedrooms after I repaint/label them.
I'll keep them as they are until I know for sure of how I want to use them.

I got this cool chair for $3.99!! I plan to restain/paint it and then re-upholster it.
I was the most excited about this find!! Plus, it's in great condition and is very sturdy.
Not sure if it's solid wood though?

I got this lamp for pretty cheap too. I may recover the shade. We'll see?
It depends on what color I repaint/spray paint the lamp.

As for this...I'm in the middle of (actually) redoing this - can you believe it!?
Pic's to come soon on the finished project...
Plus, I got a cool jar and also got B some gently used books to help build his library. Great deals that day!!

But, I am now banned from the thrift store. And I actually did it to myself - without my husbands enforcement. I really need to get the stuff done here before I take on new projects. I don't want to be one of those people who "plan" to start stuff and never do it. Or, start it and never finish it (you know who you are!!)
Besides, apart from these remake projects, I still have a lot stuff that needs done around our house - not to even mention our normal daily stuff (laundry, vacuuming/sweeping, dishes, etc).


Hump Day

Hump Day = not very eventful.
Jamie is at work and we're just hanging out.

Today, Breeson put money in his (hokey, home-made) "piggy bank":
Did some crafts/coloring:
and played with some play dough:

This year, I decided I wanted to try and (somewhat) decorate for each holiday.
Probably sticking with more of the major holidays.
I'll probably skip over St. Patty's Day and go straight to Easter. ??
We'll see...

I decided to use some of my leftover burlap to make a Valentine's Day flag pendant:

Although you can't see these pic's very well, they are symbols of our love:
(the one of Jamie & I is one of our engagement photos and the other is of course our hands with Breeson's feet when he was first born. And the letter is a copy of a journal entry on Jamie and I's first Valentine's Day - which would've been dated in 2007):

Well that's about it for us on this uneventful hump day. Monday's and Wednesday's are my day off. Usually Breeson and I go out and do our errands on those days. We may still get out of the house a bit today and run to the thrift store. We bought a glider w/ ottoman this time around. We got a great deal from a guy on Craigs List. For Breeson we had an over stuffed rocker, but the back wasn't very high and it hurt my neck when I fell asleep in it. So if you know of anyone needing a rocker...let me know:Plus, we're trying to sell our couch. We have a large futon upstairs that will be the main couch. Not very far from now, we will be doing a lot of switching rooms up. The entire basement will become Jamie and I's master bedroom (waiting to get the e-gress window in), the office will be the baby's room, our old room will become Breeson's room, and the family room will be B's old room. I'm kinda ready for all that to be done already, but I'm excited for the change and the repainting/decorating/organizing I get to do.
Jamie likes to call that "nesting". ;-)


20 Months

Breeson is 20 months old today.
He's active, lively, strong-willed, observant, and a mama's boy.
His vocabulary is getting bigger. I believe he's learned a lot of it from being at daycare. Here he is trying to say "thermostat". Not sure why, but he really likes that word for some reason. ?!

Speaking of daycare, he still occasionally cries when we drop him off.
Although it's gotten much better in the last month.
As of late, he's become a real mama's boy and clings to me - which can be very exhausting!
He still loves to read books. He enjoys watching Sesame Street, especially Elmo.
He's become more active in "playing" with Sadie
His favorite things:
anything Elmo, Juice, snack time (in which he says "i need a nack"), balls, baths (depending on the day), Sadie, books, taking his vitamin gummy every day, chapstick, and his blankie.
B never took a pacifier or sucked his thumb, but he's become real attached to his blankie. If he doesn't have it, he'll eventually ask for it. He really likes sniffing the tag. !? Weird kid.
We've recently started doing "time-outs" due to his strong willed/disobedient attitude. I caught him this morning telling his animals they were in "time out". :) This is his usual spot.
He has to stand there with his hands to the wall. It's hard not to laugh when he's in time out sometimes. He just looks at you though and cries and it either breaks your heart or you wanna bust up laughing. A coworker told me her friend used to use a chair and she called it
"the chair of poor decisions". Pretty funny, yet wise.
Otherwise, we talk to B alot about becoming a big brother but he still doesn't seem to get it. He still gets super jealous if I hold another kid/baby.
We're hoping to get him settled in a big boy bed soon so that we're completely adjusted to that before May rolls around.
Personally, it's not getting him to go to bed and start off sleeping in it that I'm worried about, it's him getting up around 5ish and wanting to be out of his room. As it is right now, no matter what time he gets up in the morning, we don't go in his room until 7. So he knows he just has to stay in his crib and talk to his animals or roll around until 7.

Well...it's almost 9, so that means Sesame Street is about to come on. So I better get going...


Toddler Bed vs. Twin Size Bed

So we're contemplating on changing Breeson out of his crib sooner rather than later. Sooner so that we don't have to deal with him trying to climb out and so that he's completely used to the idea before #2 gets here in May.

Any suggestions/tips on this from all of you mothers who have recently dealt with this?
Should we just jump to a twin size bed and put up rails rather than investing in a toddler bed. I lean more on that idea only b/c he'll eventually outgrow the toddler bed and that's more $$ in the long run.

The cost is pretty much the same. When looking at toddler and twin bed frames via Craigslist - they're close in price. So that's not the issue. But I like how a toddler bed is smaller and takes up less room - especially since he doesn't need the size of a twin bed right now. Since our house is small, the rooms are small. Thus limiting our space; having the toddler size bed in this time in our lives would save room.

So there are pro's/con's to each...


Stock Show

Today we headed to the last weekend of the National Western Stock Show here in Denver. It's been going since the 8th. We had heard it was free, but when we got there we were disappointed to find out it wasn't. Since we had already paid $10 for parking, we decided to go ahead and pay the admission fee.

In lieu of the event, we put on our western wear (the limited amount that we have!!) Breeson and his Wrangler jeans...
One reason I wanted to go was so I could wear my cowgirl boots...
Jamie really wanted to buy this at the stock show (not really!)
They had a small petting zoo area...
This kid must have been telling Breeson something very important!

This guy really wanted his picture taken...
Out of seeing all of the animals, I think this cotton stuffing machine (used to fill stuffed animals) intrigued Breeson the most...

Money wise, I think both Jamie and I felt it wasn't really worth it. It's one of those things that we probably won't go again. Maybe when Breeson is older and is more into the animals - his attention span only lasted so long. But we had a fun time anyways and it's always nice to do something out of the norm. Plus, we agreed that it's good to support the local events.


Crazy Hair

When I walked in to get Breeson this morning...this is what greeted me!! I'd say he had a wild night of sleep. Not sure what happened?!

Lately, he is ALL about chapstick. He asks for it multiple times a day. But he's lucky to get it once, maybe twice if he asks (his mommy) nicely.
And this is what greeted me when I got home from work...


Egg in the Nest

Today Kristy and I co-hosted a baby shower for our friends, Joe and Becca. We had a lot of fun planning it. We did a Nesting Theme. I ordered the invites via Etsy.com. You can check it out here.
Here we are with the mommy-to-be. (and no, Kristy and I did not plan on wearing the same color of shirt!! - it goes to show how much we have some of the same tastes)
I made the Bird Mobile. I had help from Kandyce. I about lost it when I tried sewing the birds on the sticks. That was the hardest part.

I should've taken close-up of these cupcakes. Kristy toasted the coconut to make the nests. They turned out super cute!!

Apparently I should've used a flash. If you can't see it, it reads "Welcome to the Nest"

Oh, and I did I mention it was a couples' shower?? We incorporated a fun game for the guys!!
The winner: Tim
The girls had to change a baby's diaper blind folded. Those who already had babies were not allowed to participate.
The winner: Kelli
And here's our husbands, Jamie, Joe (soon to be dad) and Ryan (Kristy's husband)
Oh, and here was our party favors. Cake balls. They were pretty easy to make. Originally the thought was to make them in the shape of an egg - but that idea didn't last long when I started making them.
Here is the first (and maybe last) bird mobile I made. In the end, I am happy with how it turned out, and Becca liked it too!
I also made this for the front door and then sent it home with Becca. I used the scraps from the flag banner.