Potty Training Boot Camp

We started Potty Training Boot Camp today. 
Eagan is officially 2 years & 3 1/2 months, and I am tired of changing and buying diapers.
I'm not using any specific method - just the same way I did with Breeson 2 years ago. 
Breeson was just this age when I potty trained him. In fact, it was Labor Day weekend, 
so we're off by a few days. I wasn't exactly sure if he was ready or not, but all the "signs" that say kids are ready were there. So I decided, let's go for it now while I'm not working. Although this is hard work - don't get wrong.

Here's all of the goods to make it happen...
(not pictured is the poster board diagram in which he gets to put 
the stickers on when he pee-pee's/poops)

And we have success!! As it currently stands, the record board is 4-1. 
And that even includes a poopy!! :) I know - TMI - sorry!
But we're just so proud of him and hope this is the end to diapers - at least for now.


House Renovations {summary in pic's}

Since we've moved into our 1970's built home this past May, we've done A LOT of renovations. Thanks in large to my handy husband, but there were also parents and a lot of people from our church that helped make this happen. It's crazy to think we've lived here less than 3 1/2 months. It already feels like we've been here a long time. And I am amazed at how much we've (ahem, my husband) done since living here in that short amount of time. 

I realize I could write individual blogs on each of the redo areas, but to give you a sneak peak, here are a few photos...

The main foyer (that's our front door)


CHANGES: We removed (lots of) wallpaper, changed the light, added hardwood floors throughout foyer, dining area and into kitchen. Took coat closet door off updated the look for a sitting bench and baskets/hooks. Painted walls gray, replaced white base boards/trim and removed the beautiful spindles.


CHANGES: We kept all original cabinets but painted them white, replaced new hardware, updated a few of the appliances (still need to do microwave and dishwasher someday), painted walls gray, updated light above sink, removed wall between kitchen and dining room, painted backsplash tiles white (that will buy me some time before we need to replace them).

{more} Kitchen


Dining Area

CHANGES: Hardwood floors installed, carpet removed and walls painted gray*.

*The gray paint was found at a the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $12 a gallon, compared to $30+ dollars spent at Lowes/Home Depot. I had wanted to paint it gray anyways, but hadn't found the perfect shade of Gray (since there are like 50 shades of them...ha ha ha! get it anyone?). I am all about saving $$, so I wasn't going to be particular when it came to which shade I got. Turns it out it is perfect!! And I saved a ton of $$ doing it.

So that's that for now. I'll try and break down some of the redo's from here on out and speak more into how we did it and what was involved in our DIY projects.


Some funny-ness

These new school KMart commercials are hilarious...


First camping trip with the boys

We got to experience camping with the boys for the first time. We were too chicken before to try.
I would say that overall, it was a success. I guess as successful as camping can be, right?
Some rain + no sleep = "typical camping"

We left on Sunday and got back this morning. We drove about 50 minutes from our house and headed towards Estes Park to Camp Dick, or so we thought. 
A couple months ago we made our reservation online. 
When we arrived at the campground on Sunday, it was drizzling a little when we arrived. Since we didn't want to get caught setting up camp in the pouring rain, we hurried. 
After we got EVERYTHING up and out of the cars, one of the camp managers walked over to give us some pamphlets and to welcome us. After a short conversation, she informed us that we were in the wrong place and that Camp Dick Campground was another mile down the road. Bummer.
After checking out the other campground, we found out they could transfer our money over to this campground, Peaceful Valley, and just stay put. Thank God!! And just so you know, they told us we are one of many who make that mistake. They are aware that the signs are horrible 
and they need more.

We ended up liking our spot. We were close to the St. Vrain River and there were less people camping - at least our first night there.

We were close to a trail head and it was a beautiful hike. It was pretty short but it was nice for the kids. 

Like I said above, we were close to the river. We played down here a lot!! It was perfect because the place where the boys are playing in is a split off from the main (and very fast) current. So they could play, walk around, splash, and just cool off. 
 If you know me well, you would know that I could spend a lot of time down here too. I loved it. I was in the river right there with them, exploring and jumping into the deeper parts. Although it was COLD. Jamie thought it was around 35, maybe 40 degree water.?? It's run off from the mountains.

Did I mention it got pretty cold at times!? Yes, we were wearing jackets and pants in August. I think it got down to the 40's at night. We were cold, even with our sleeping bags; at least I was.  But it was so much better than it being too hot and sticky. Plus, the upside was that there were less bugs/mosquito's!

Favorite memories: campfires, s'mores, attempting to play a game in the tent while it rained - only to have the boys be restless and want to wrestle/fight, making new friends with our "neighbors", playing in the river, enjoying a hike, seeing a mother moose and her calf walk thru the campsite 2 different times, eating our weight in calories,and using a diaper to go to the bathroom in b/c I didn't walk to the bathrooms in the middle of the night. :)

I hope this is the first year of many in which we get to go camping and make more memories...

Last Day's

We've had some "last day's" around here, if you will. Last week Breeson finished up his last day of VBS at a local church right down the street from us. He really enjoyed it and didn't blink an eye when I dropped him off, even though he didn't know one soul at that church. Our church here is too small to host a VBS, so that is why we let him go to this one. 

You can't even see him in this pic. He's hiding behind another little girl. If you look closely you can see just his face. He's in front of the student-helper in the gray shirt.

I snuck in early a couple days to watch him in song time. He said that was his favorite part, 
which was no surprise to me. 


Then on Saturday, he had his final soccer game with the YMCA. Judging by his (lack of) enthusiasm for the sport, I'd say this was his first and last soccer team to every play on. There was a lot of grass throwing, running in the wrong direction, chasing other kids, and acting like he was shooting an {imaginary} bow & arrow. However, to give him credit, he wasn't the only kid out there doing those things. But to give him some credit, he did get a goal on his very first game, and he put in about 60+%  effort in at least each game. To be honest, I would've been tired too. There were two separate games where he had to play 2 back-to-back games, each being an hour long.

However, this medal that he received totally made his day and may have redeemed soccer as a sport. If he asks to play next summer, it'll only be for the medal.  He has pretty much worn it non-stop.


Toddler Hike

Since moving to Longmont, I've joined up with a mommy's toddler group that goes hiking every Wednesday. It's been good for me for many reasons: it's a good way to meet other mommy's, the kids get to make new friends, we all get to enjoy the outdoors, and it changes up my workout routine. 

Today's hike was by far the hardest. I know this pic below makes it look like an easy hike - but it didn't stay flat like that long. And to add toddlers to the mix, changes everything. 
Plus, I carried Eagan on my back almost 3/4 of the way.
35+ pounds really put my legs and butt muscles to work!!

We hiked the Canyon Loop Trail, just West of Boulder. It's a 3.2 mile loop.
It was a 45 minute drive just to get to the trail head.
The upside to driving so far: the scenery is more beautiful the more you get into the foothills, and there's more shade.
The downside: it's a 45 minute drive.

Today there were 6 mommy's and 8 toddlers (+1 baby). I rode with a new friend, Joanna, and her son. After about 45 minutes of being on the trail, we had to stop due to some meltdowns (which is always normal). But due to time restraints, Joanna needed to get back home by 1, which meant we had to leave the rest of the group and book it.
Let me tell you, hiking in a faster pace with Eagan on my back - remember it's an extra 35 lbs - was not easy!! But we made it back just in time.

Eagan had to be coaxed and encouraged to keep moving!
 so sweet...


This is a glimpse of what we'll be doing Sunday - Tuesday. We're super excited to try camping with the boys for the first time. B keeps asking how many more days 'til we go. I think he's more excited about the s'mores than anything else! :) I don't blame him.
We've been getting a lot of rain here, almost on a daily basis. So it turn out to be quite an adventure! I'll be sure to post pic's and our experience.


Tilapia Dinner

Tonight's dinner was Lemon Garlic Tilapia, with a side dish of Greens with Carrots, Feta Cheese and Brown Rice. Click on the links to get the recipes. 
In our approach to eating healthier, there's this challenge to learn new recipes. 

Jamie and I liked it. Breeson did okay, and Eagan we had to spoon-feed him. At one time when Jamie was about to give him a spoonful, he took his fingers, pointed at the food and acted like he was shooting it!! :) He's a hoot.
(we may and may not have used ice cream to entice them to eat - we are not above bribing)