Potty Training Boot Camp

We started Potty Training Boot Camp today. 
Eagan is officially 2 years & 3 1/2 months, and I am tired of changing and buying diapers.
I'm not using any specific method - just the same way I did with Breeson 2 years ago. 
Breeson was just this age when I potty trained him. In fact, it was Labor Day weekend, 
so we're off by a few days. I wasn't exactly sure if he was ready or not, but all the "signs" that say kids are ready were there. So I decided, let's go for it now while I'm not working. Although this is hard work - don't get wrong.

Here's all of the goods to make it happen...
(not pictured is the poster board diagram in which he gets to put 
the stickers on when he pee-pee's/poops)

And we have success!! As it currently stands, the record board is 4-1. 
And that even includes a poopy!! :) I know - TMI - sorry!
But we're just so proud of him and hope this is the end to diapers - at least for now.

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