Ugh, it's already Sunday night. Where did the weekend go? Saturday was a really good day. It was sunny and close to the 70's. I went to the Goodwill and dropped off some stuff. I decided to venture in and see if I could find any "treasures". We're still in need of a headboard - but no such luck that day. Anyways, I found a ball glove and a tennis racket. This summer Jamie and I are playing in our church softball league. And I already had a tennis racket, so all we needed was one for Jamie. I got home and went and did my scheduled run, which was so nice b/c SO many people were on the trail. Then Jamie and I headed to the park to play!! We first played tennis, which wasn't as bad as we thought it would be, and then threw the ball around. Needless to say, my arm/shoulder muscles are very sore today, along w/ every muscle in my back. But we had a lot of fun playing our new games!

It was very difficult to wake up this morning. But church was good. I really enjoy our church and the people in it. I made country fried chicken (healthy way), corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum...it actually turned out good! I will admit that I opted with the white gravy from the packet. :)
Small group was really good; like it always is. We're studying Joseph right now. We're learning that although we may all have different "dreams" in life, God may bring things along the way that we don't expect. How do I respond when such trials arise? How do I avoid from allowing bitterness to come into my life and react negatively against people/things?
It's a good study and it's been teaching me a lot. It's easy to forget how what sunday school stories are really teaching us.

Oh yeah! It's official -we bought our tickets to Birmingham tonight!! We are for sure coming to visit friends in Birmingham and Jamie's family in Mississippi June 4-8. I'm SOOO excited and can't wait to see everyone. We will also be there for our friends' wedding, Ryan & Jessica.
Look out B'ham...here we come!!


It's Friday!!!

So, I've definitely enjoyed my short vacation and being off work for 3 weeks. However, there is a point that I do bored.
I'm glad it's Friday, only because I'm excited to start my job on Monday!!!
I'm sure I'll be changing my mind when I'm waking up early to get ready for work.

(Pic on Right)
So, I decided to put a pic up of when we went to Col Springs the other day. Pikes Peak is set behind as a beautiful backdrop.

(Pic on Left) Garden of The Gods
A pretty cool place to just walk around. There were a ton of people there that day b/c it was spring break.
Well today...Jamie's coming home right at 1 so we can eat lunch before he heads to meet a guy from church. Then tonight we plan to go on our date night. I'm not sure what or where we'll go. We're trying to stick to a pretty tight budget now.
So we'll have to do a cheap date!!
Starting today we're both going to try and start our new "diets". I'm also trying to train for a half marathon for later this summer. So far, so good.



So I'm a sap when it comes to true to life stories being shared. Today on Good Morning America they interviewed the 2 families who had the mix up of their daugthers in a bad car accident a few years ago.
One family thought they had lost their daugther and the other was in a bad comba; only to find out that the daughters whom they thought they buried and were sitting by her bed were not who they were.
I just can't imagine all of the emotions they went through. So I sat here with tears in my eyes today watching this story. It truly is amazing.
I can't imagine what they went through when they finally realized what had happened.
It was pretty neat to hear their testimony though, because you can see how they relied on God and how there is no bitter grudges.

Could I do that?? I could only hope and pray that God would give me and family enough grace.


sleeping in...

Ahh...today I slept in. Well sort of, Jamie came in and woke me up at 7:30. But then we both laid there until almost 8:30. I kept dozing in and out. But either way, it felt good and I love it when my hubby comes in to wake me. It's a good site in the morning!

We were tired from our fun, day trip to the Springs w/ Clint, Ter, and her sister, Angie.
We got to tour Focus on the Family (as well as Whit's End), then went to eat a picnic lunch at Garden of the Gods. It was such a beautiful CO day (around 70 high). So many people were out w/ their kids and dogs; walking both of them!!

Then we tried to go to Seven Falls, but since most of the trails were still closed, we decided to save our money for another time. Instead we went to Old Colorado Springs and walked around to venture into the cute little shops. I love window shopping.
Overall it was a cheap day, but it was a lot of fun. Plus, I always enjoy spending time w/ our friends.

We made it home just in time to drop Clint, Ter, and Angie off, run to Q'doba and get home to watch Biggest Loser. I must say that I am glad Dan got kicked off. He was beginning to bother me with his sexist comments. And I used to really love Roger, but he's starting to get on my nerves too. The way I describe his behavior, is that he acts like a 10 year old boy. I always wanted his roommate to win, Trent.
So sad. But I was VERY excited to see the girls get a boost of energy from their win. I don't mean to sound like a feminist, "yeah, go girl" attitude, but they've just had it so hard lately.
Anyways...I'll get off that subject now.

Today, I'm headed to my old job to do some filing. They're going to allow me to continue filing and do odd jobs in order to make a little extra money. My new job starts on Monday (yeah!!) but since we took a pay cut, I decided that another small job on the side would be good. My new job is working as the Office Coordinator at the Dalit Freedom Network www.dalitnetwork.org . I am excited about this job b/c it's something I truly believe in; this won't be just any ordinary "job".

Well, I need to get dressed, make lunch for Jamie before he heads to the library, and get my day off and running.