Our new family member

Here is the latest addition to the George family!! We have not yet named him. And actually, we have not yet even picked him up!! We will bring him home tonight. :) I'm SOOO excited.


Out with the old and in with the new...

So this past week has been super busy - it's been all about moving. On Monday night we moved our office at work. We didn't hire a moving company, so it was up to us employees and volunteers. Then on Tuesday night Jamie and I started moving to our new home. We decided to move on two separate days so it wouldn't be as much on one day. Theresa and Cody came and helped us bring our first load over. Then the rest of the week at work, I was busy setting the new office up. It's starting to take shape!!!
Finally today we moved the rest of our stuff over to our new pad. We are so blessed to have friends who took time out of their day to help us. Thanks guys!!!
It's amazing how fast you can fill up space, even if you're moving into a larger space. It happened both at work and here at the condo. I don't understand how it all fit in the previous space if it was smaller than it is now?? Huh...it's a mystery.

Well, pic's are coming soon...stay tuned!!


Summer fun...

This is Jamie's mom, Martha, she came to visit us the week of the 4th. We had such a sweet time with her. It was her first time to fly!! And, she did it all by herself. We were very proud of her.
We did a LOT of stuff that week (went to the National Park, Rockies game, visited downtown, watched pre-4th of July fireworks, Red Rocks, and went to a few parks. We were pretty tired when she left at the end of the week.

This is our small group from our church (Hope Community). We had a good year with them. They have all become dear friends of ours.

Over the weekend we got to attend an old friends wedding (Joe). We're excited to get to know Becca as we have just learned that they will be living near us after they return from their honeymoon.

Here we are at Joe & Becca's wedding. It was fun to catch up w/ old friends from home (Whitewater area).

At some point, I'll add more pictures from the summer...lately I've just been too lazy to keep up. Sorry! We're actually about to move in a little over a week. I'm excited to be in the new place.
We're still going to be renting, but it's a much better deal than where we are now. Pictures will come!
Well, until then...


So I got a new pair of running shoes less than a couple weeks ago. I've heard so many good things about Saucony's that I figured I couldn't go wrong. I purchased them at Sports Authority - which I actually think was my mistake. Had I went to Boulder Running Company, I could still take them back and get "fitted" for the right shoe according to my stride. My boss said he took a pair of running shoes back to BRC after having them for a month and they still exchanged them.

Ever since I bought the shoes, I can't get rid of a blister on the back of my left heel. It's no fun running. On Monday, I figured my blister had gone away enough for me not to wear any bandages; for the first mile my heel hurt, but towards the end of my 3rd mile, it didn't hurt anymore. So I figured it was all good! Well when I arrived back at the house, I looked down and the entire back of the heel was bloody - my blister broke again!!

Today I wasn't so naive. I bandaged up my heel and the run wasn't so bad. I'm not looking forward to Saturdays run of 11 miles. I just want these shoes to be broke in already!! Next time I'm definitely going to BRC for my next pair of shoes. And I've been encouraged to try Mizuno's.


It's a small world after all...

So last Thursday I joined a co-worker (plus our office intern) from DFN to go run a 5K at an Irish Pub in downtown Denver. We were all new and had never done it before, but were excited b/c apparently quite a few runners attend every week. Well, the great catch is that after the run, you get free spaghetti & salad.
From our office to downtown it took over an hour b/c of rush hour traffic. So I doubt I will make this a weekly event. At one time before we left the office, Stasia mentioned to us that her sister (along w/ her sister's friend) were going to meet up w/ us to run.
At the pub we were all introduced to each other and soon found our way running around Cheesman Park.
Afterwards, we were doing our post-run stretching and Stasia's sisters friend (??) :-) asked me where I was from originally, which I replied "Kansas".
She then proceeded to ask if my maiden name happened to be "Claassen". Well that got my attention right away!! After a little more prodding...we realized we are 2nd cousins!! My dad and her mom are 1st cousins!! Crazy huh? It's SUCH a small world. I have more family in Denver then I thought.
I believe we may have met once when I was probably very young (like 7 or so??). It was pretty shocking but humorous.