Fall Foliage

We wanted to see the fall foliage and the changing of the Aspens, so we headed to Nederland. We didn't want to drive too far with a toddler and a dog. It was the first time to visit Nederland. It was okay. I wouldn't mind going back to see more of Brainard Lake on another visit. Today was the perfect weather though; so glad we went.

Otherwise, it was a fun day. It was a bit exhausting chasing after Breeson and trying to train a dog to be on a leash. Sadie has a LOT of work in that department.


random ramblings...

  • Sorry I haven't blogged much this week. Don't really have an excuse, just haven't felt like writing. Sadie is getting more settled in and is a good dog. She and Breeson are friends. Or should I say, she tolerates Breeson! You can definitely tell she used to live with children before, because she's so great with him.
  • Our small group at church started a couple Sunday's ago. I think we're going to have a good semester. We're studying Luke right now.
  • Jamie preached on Sunday, it was from Ecclesiastes. If you want to listen, go here
  • Trying to keep up with running. I'm only getting in around 3-4 miles every run. I hope to do a 10K soon; just haven't signed up for anything yet.
  • I'm going to be a Sunday School teacher for K-5th (??) graders at church. I kinda got roped into it. But, it'll be good. I'm sure it'll be more fun than I expect!
  • Breeson is in a phase right now where he HATES taking baths. He starts crying every time I tell him it's time to take one. (well except tonight, so maybe we're on the road to recovery??) I'm not sure what's gotten into him. Before, I could barely get the kid out of the bath. He loved them! So where did he go off in not liking them? It's a mystery.
Well, my brain isn't really working right now, so sorry this was so boring. I'll try and write on here later in the week with something more interesting. Until then...



meet Sadie.
she is...
  • (approx) 3 years old
  • female yellow lab (I believe she's gotta be a mix and not a purebread)
  • just arrived from Rogers, AR
  • great with Breeson
  • super gentle and loveable - yet still playful

We've had her less than 12 hours. She's been through A LOT in the last few days (travel, foster parents - then us, currently on meds, has fleas). She hasn't been eating well so the rescue shelter suggested we take her to the vet in the morning. Hopefully it'll just take a few days before she feels settled in and realizes she's now home!! We already love her.

29 Years Young

Saturday I turned 29. Ugh. It's hard to believe. I don't even wanna think about next year.
I had a great time though - my boys spoiled me and we had a fun day. It started off with Jamie letting me sleep in (and by me sleeping in - that means 8:30!). I woke up to yummy pancakes that Jamie made. duh. From there, we lounged around the house while Breeson took a morning nap, then we headed to lunch at Spicy Pickle. After that we walked around the Antique District on Broadway, where I found an AMAZING consignment store!! We then went to the park and played. We ran home, changed and took Breeson to the babysitters while we met friends for dinner in Larimer Square. This year, since 29 is kind of a ho-hum birthday, I wanted to have a low-key celebration. We went to dinner with another couple at Corridor 44. It was one of those restaurants where you paid a lot, and got a little. Or according to Joe, we ate "squirrel food". So afterwards, we headed to Wendy's where the guys got bacon cheeseburgers and we got fries and frosty's!! :) It was a great birthday.



On Wednesday night we got to see this family!! It was so great seeing Bret, Lori and to finally meet Riley. His shirt says it all...he is Handsome! Bret and Lori came over for dinner while staying at his family's cabin in Bailey. Hopefully it won't be as long until we see them next time.

(new post below...)


We decided to do a "staycation" this year. We kept going back and forth (and did a lot of research) on whether we should go out of state. But because we are hoping to adopt a dog soon, and the fact that they cost $300+ from the shelter we're looking at, we decided to save some money by staying here. So we booked a hotel in the Springs from Sunday to Tuesday - just a short get-away. There was a lot going on down there over Labor Day weekend (Annual Hot Air balloon festival, Col State Fair in Pueblo). We wanted a hotel that offered 2 things: swimming pool and free continental breakfast. We at least wanted to have a pool so we could lounge around if we decided not to do anything else. So the hotel we chose had a heated outdoor pool.
So here was our trip in a nutshell...
Sunday morning we packed up and headed to brunch before going down to C.S. We had a pleasant surprise when someone else at the restaurant paid for our breakfast!?! On our way down we decided to go ahead and drive on down to Pueblo for the Col State Fair. I wanted to go b/c I grew up going and though it would be fun to take Breeson. Let me just say this, we'll NEVER go again! Plus, Pueblo was a very gross and dirty city. So we head to the hotel, check in and decide to go swimming. Even with it being close to 90 degrees, the pool was FREEZING! We didn't even stay in there 5 minutes. A couple perks about the hotel was that it was clean, there were 2 queen beds so Jamie and I took advantage by each sleeping in our bed, and the breakfast each morning was good...and big!
We were going to head over to the Hot Air Balloon Festival Sunday night, but after we ate, we figured there wouldn't be enough time and would miss most of it. We decided to wait and go Monday night. Monday we went to Pagosa Springs and walked around. I think this was my favorite time. PS has a really cute downtown - great atmosphere.
It was later on that we found out we missed the balloon festival. It actually ended Monday morning. Tuesday morning we took it easy and then headed back to Denver.
There were definitely some hick-ups that was a bit disappointing, but in the end, we had a good time b/c we got away!

Oh, and did I mention we also dealt with a sick boy the entire time? He had a fever, and then broke out in a rash all over his chest and back. Of course he got over it when we got home. ?? I was pretty adamant about not taking him to the ER. I was pretty sure they would only tell us to give him Tylenol and/or Ibuprofen. I'm glad we didn't take him in the end - he bounced back pretty fast. He was definitely teething - worst case thus far. :(