Week long trip = a lot of pictures

Well we're back in Colorado after being gone for over week. We flew home for a funeral and a wedding. We had already planned on going to Arkansas for my cousins wedding, but then left earlier because my Grandpa passed away. So we flew into KC, drove to Whitewater for the funeral; drove to Branson, MO to stay w/ my brother; drove to Ponca, AR for my cousin's wedding, then drove back to KC to fly home. It was a busy time,
but we had a great time seeing a LOT of family.

Breeson loved spending time with his cousins:

I have a feeling these two are going to be quite the pair as they get older. This is his cousin Eli:
Always have fun on the Wii w/ the mother-in-law: :)

Both of the boys did GREAT in the car. We did a lot of driving too on this trip. Thank goodness for laptops and DVD's:

We hung out in Branson with my brother for a couple days. Gina (my SIL) was gone on business - wish you could've been there Gina. Walking at the Landing:


One of the special things we got to do on this trip was take Jamie to the camp I grew up going to. Out of my (almost) 30 years of life, I'd say I spent at least 15 summers of my life at this place. We even stayed in one of the cabins one night - not such a great experience w/ a toddler and a baby!! I hope to someday go back so Jamie and I can both be counselors...and then my boys can go as campers.

The swimming hole:


Like I said above, we headed to Ponca for my cousin's wedding. Yes, my cousins got married in Arkansas!! ;) Let me explain. In February of 2010 I "introduced" my cousin Kristin to my cousin David - each cousin is on the opposite side of my family. Kristin comes from my Dad's side, and David comes from my Mom's side. So they are NOT related. But I like to joke that I went to AR b/c my cousin's were getting married!! Anyways, it really was all God in all of this - I'm just thankful He used me to be a part of them getting married.

We rejoined my family and we stayed in this cabin that was out in the boonies in AR. If you were to have rode with us to this cabin, you would've thought we were taking you out to kill you. It was SO far from civilization!! But it was beautiful:

the view from the cabin - who says AR isn't beautiful!?!

We had such a great time seeing so much family. I love that Breeson is starting to get to know his cousins and Gpa & Gma more and more - even though we live so far away from everyone else.
All in all, we had a great trip, even with so much driving. The flight to KC was perfect - I had so many compliments on how the kids did. The flight home was good until the last 25 minutes. That's when Breeson decided to throw a tantrum and scream/cry. The lady sitting behind him just sat plugging her ears with her fingers. She didn't even try to hide the fact that she was annoyed. And really I don't blame her. I didn't want to claim him as mine. Not really. It was just hard and Jamie is the one that had to deal with it, since we couldn't sit together on that flight. Your pretty much helpless though b/c you can't discipline. What to do?!

Well, we're back home...trying to get our lives back on track. It's always nice to get away, but it's always nice to get back into a routine too.


You'll be missed...

Early this morning, my sweet Grandpa Claassen went to be with the Lord.
There are so many wonderful things I could say about him; but the main thing I'll remember the most about him is his gentle personality. He was one of the kindest, most gentle people you would ever meet. He was a strong man of faith, loved his wife dearly, and his family.

He was an identical twin. He was known in the small community in which he lived as "one of the twins". It was not uncommon for you to see him in the local cafe drinking coffee or out farming with Uncle Donald (his twin).

This isn't easy to write. Grandpa was truly loved and we all admired him deeply. We know his love for Grandma was genuine and strong. I think I hurt more for her loss than ours.
I know she lost her best friend.

I'm thankful Breeson got to meet him, even though he'll probably never remember him.

So on Saturday, we're headed to Kansas for his funeral. A lot to do before we leave...


Our 4th

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day. We did!
First off, the boys and I hung around the house until Jamie got off work...

then we headed to a couples' house from church,
thanks John & AnneMarie for hosting a great BBQ!!

then we ended the evening by going to a park near our house where we "watched" the fireworks. This park sits on a big hill so we could see several fireworks displays all around Denver. We didn't stay too long as Breeson was more interested in running around the grass, watching his feet, and throwing our sandals rather than the fireworks. Hmm...next year, maybe?!

Either way...it was a good day and we enjoyed celebrating the 4th.


First Wedding

Last night Jamie got to officiate his first wedding.
Adam & Haley got married here. It was gorgeous!!
We used to be next door neighbors to Adam & Haley when
we lived in the condo. We were honored that they asked
Jamie to marry them. Plus, it was super fun to get out of the house,
dress up, and be (semi) kid free for 2 nights
(rehearsal dinner - kid free; wedding night - Breeson free). Link


And just for kicks, I had to include this. On my way to the wedding I passed by Ikea. They're almost done!! We are now in the same month of when they open - July 27. Yeah!! Someone told me this is going to the be largest one in the States. Although I do like their household furniture...I'm most excited about one thing. You'll have to see once I get it... :)