Christmas pic's

Here are some pic's from Christmas in Kansas. We had a great time visiting w/ family and friends. It was busy, as usual. These are only a few pic's - I put most of them up on Facebook.

(Here's my nephews and nieces - cute little boogers! They must be singing "Away in the Manger")

(Jamie's mom flew to Kansas and spent Christmas w/ us - what a treat!)

(me and my best friend from childhood, Jenny. She's due in April)

(We had a "cousin night" on my mom's side of the family - the Swartz's. This is just part of us, some of the cousins were missing that night). We're constantly growing too. If we include the kids, there are over 80 people in my immediate family on my mom's side)

(the belly shot - need I say more?!) :)
p.s. here I am at 19 weeks


The most memorable moment at Christmas:
While Jamie and I were stopped at a gas station on our drive home to Kansas, I was leaving the Ladies Room when a young boy, around the age of 10, practically ran into me. We did the little dance where we were trying to get past each other, but to my horror he didn't make it. He puked right in front of me and I had to witness it all. Luckily I was not hit with any of the flying debris!! :) (you're welcome to all of you who have a weak stomach)



Here's a few pictures to give you all an update...

(12.12.08 - this is us for our "traditional" family picture in front of the mantel) :)

(our sweet tree we got from Craig's List for a great price. It stands 7.5 feet high and
4 feet wide!!)

(12.13.08 - at Joy's work party. We're wearing our Christmas ties that we got from the thrift store. Apparently we didn't get the memo that it was formal dress attire that night. oops.) :)

(12.16.08 - We went to Copper Mtn so Jamie could learn to ski. Up until the day before we left, I was planning to ski too, but we (unfortunately and fortunately) went to our regular doctors appointment for a baby check-up and they pretty much kicked that idea out the door. :( I went ahead and went w/ the group so I could hang out, but it was still hard not be out on the slopes. Jamie did a great job (thanks Chris)!! Check out his skiing video on his facebook. The good thing is, now we'll be able to ski as a family in the future!!)

(Jamie looking like a pro already!)

(friends from church that we went skiing with: Crissie, Chris, Tim, Allison, Peter (Tim's brother visiting for the weekend)


12 Days of Christmas

I heard this on the radio on my way to work, thought I'd share it with you. I enjoyed it!!
Merry Christmas! Watch this.


Christmas is comin'!!!

I love this time of the year: putting up Christmas decor, eating foods that only come around at Christmas, seeing family and friends that you don't normally get to see, and Christmas parties!!!
This year we've got a lot of parties on our calendar; most of them are one's in which we need to bring "white-elephant gifts" to - I love it!!! Last night, we went to a party and had a great time. Deena went w/ us and the gift she got was someone's great, great-grandmother's hair!! It was so funny. (but not to Deena!!)
Jamie and I hit the thrift store this past weekend and found a pretty sweet gift to take to another party next weekend. I better not say what it is right now.

Well, we got our Christmas tree up!! I'll try and take some pictures soon. I got it off of Craigs List for $50!! The lady we bought it from moved from a large house to a condo, so she just didn't have room for the 7.5 foot (high) by4 feet (wide) pre-lit (white lights) Christmas tree. In all honesty - I didn't expect it to be SO big! I convinced Jamie it would fit in our place...and it did, after we completely rearranged our living room and pushing our couch 5 inches from the TV. It fits! :)

We're headed to Kansas for Christmas. Unfortunately, the prices to fly to Mississippi were outrageous and we couldn't justify paying that much to only stay for 5 days. But we're pretty excited that Jamie's mom is going to come to Kansas and spend Christmas w/ my family.

Well, not much else is going on. The belly is growing slowly but surely. I have yet to buy maternity pants. I wouldn't have made it this far w/ out the belly bands!! We did go to Target the other day and I tried on a few pair, but I couldn't bring myself to pay $30 for one pair.
I will say that I surprised myself by (accidentally) putting on a pair of size 2 jeans. I don't say that to brag - but I was utterly shocked b/c now is the time I feel the biggest!!! Needless to say, I didn't buy them - even though they were on the sales rack - because they were the maternity pants that had the elastic on the side and I don't think those are very comfy. ??? I actually prefer the band at the top of the pants b/c i feel like it's holding everything in place.

Jamie's in his last week of classes this semester. Finals begin Monday. He's had a hard semester - mostly b/c he did it to himself by taking 8 classes. :( But he's done a great job in balancing time w/ studying, spending time w/ me, and other responsibilities (w/ church and stuff). I'm proud of him for working so hard!! He's such a good student.
You can do it, honey!!! Keep up the good work.