Tonight Jamie & I are babysitting for our friends while they are celebrating their 2nd year Anniversary. Happy Anniversary Austin & Amanda!!
This little cutey is baby Wyatt.
The fun connection between us is that Austin is my second cousin (my dad and his mom are 1st cousins), AND Jamie and Wyatt share the same birthday - March 23.
Austin also goes to Denver Seminary; so we have a lot of connections.
Babysitting baby Wyatt shows me how much responsibility their is in having a child. Although I someday want to have children, I don't think I'll be ready anytime too soon. :)
It's hard to understand his needs when he can't tell me. His needs are very important though and his dependence on us very crucial. Like a baby/small child depends on their parents (or in our case - babysitter) for their every need, we have to rely on God to provide for our needs. So often I want to do things "my way". It doesn't always turn out the way I want or think. In the mean time...God is just telling us to trust in Him and He will provide all of our needs.


summer is officially here

Yeah!! Today is officially the First Day of Summer!!! I'm so happy. I love this time of year. Ideally, I wish I was off of work/school for the summer like the good 'ol times. But, I'm just so thankful for longer days and just the warmth of the sun. Thank you Lord for seasons!!

Well today Jamie got a job!! Thank goodness. I'm just glad he'll have something to do. Poor guy has been pretty bored. I've been so spoiled though b/c our apt is clean, laundry is done, and dinner is on the table when I get home from work. I'm not sure I'm going to like him going back to work. :) He got a job as a salesman at a carpet store. It's not the "ideal" job, but I think he'll be happy to be working w/ and around people.

Work has been extra busy this week b/c of our higher rate of volunteers coming in; which is a great thing to have!!! But since the lady who is usually in charge of the volunteers is in India for the next few weeks, I've been put in charge. It's not hard, it's just takes a little more time. So, needless to say, this week has flown by. Although today definitely felt like a Friday.
I'm ready for the weekend!!
Tonight, Jamie went to Clint & Ter's church to hear one of his profs speak about Immigration. I opted to come hang out at the coffee shop and download songs from ITunes.
I've been around people all week, and Jamie hasn't been around anyone. So we'll both get our fix.
So it looks like we're gonna moving in late July. We found a cute condo in Highlands Ranch (it's SE from where we live now). We'll be renting it from a lady I work with. Deena will be moving in w/ us as she gets her feet planted here in Denver. Plus, now she'll have a place to come home too when she gets back from Jordan.
I can't wait to get pic's and put them up. It's an adorable place!!

Well, tomorrow is my long run. I guess I'll run to Clement Park and then finish up my 9.5 miles running around the large pond. I think I'll have Jamie pick me up after the run. I'm not excited to run, but I am excited to see if I can actually do this!
Jamie has been my biggest fan. There's been a few times where I've questioned myself, "what's the point in knowing you can run 13.1 miles??". But he pointed out the fact that once you set goals and accomplish them, it shows you CAN follow through on things. Plus, it's good to finish what you start.


Well we're sitting in the airport terminal right now about to head back to Denver. Our (short) time in Mississippi & Alabama was spent visiting with family and friends. We had such a good time catching up with them. I wish it could have been longer; however, I am pretty tired from being on-the-go since Wednesday.
On Wednesday, Deena drove us to the airport at 3:30 am, so we started our trip with little sleep!
When we arrived in Tupelo, Mississippi, we were both hit with the HOT, humid weather. Yuck. I must say, I don't miss living in this humidity. I needed to do my daily run, so later that night, Jamie took me to a track - I about died! It's so different running here compared to Denver where I hardly break a sweat. Well, Wednesday - Friday (morning) was spent hanging out w/ Jamie's family. His mom spoiled us with home cooked meals!! It was a lot of yummy veggies from her garden. Plus, it was great catching up w/ his siblings (and sibling in-laws), plus his nephew, Gunner. Friday morning we met up with our friend, Cody, and he drove us to Birmingham. From there, it was pretty much a whirlwind of eating and hanging out w/ a lot of old friends. Notice that in order to have a good time with people--there must be food!!
Friday night, we stayed at Ashley & Reid's beautiful new home. We had a small get-together w friends that night. Saturday morning I regretted eating so much junk food the night before, considering I had to run 8 miles that day. After my 5th mile, I thought I would never make it to the end - but I did!! On Saturday, we got to have a nice lunch w/ more friends; from there we headed to the Summit for a quick minute and then headed to stay at our next location. Saturday night we went to Fire & Ice in 5 Points!! Yummy! I should have taken advantage of the all-you-can-eat buffet, but unfortunately, I was full after my salad and entree. But it was SO yummy. We then hung out afterwards and attempted to play "SNL Trivial Pursuit", but hardly any of us knew the answers.
All in all, it was a great weekend seeing everyone. We're pretty tired though and we're both ready to be back in Denver.
I'll try and post some pictures from the weekend on here soon...
See you on the flip-side.


'ol friends from the 'ham...

Enjoy a few pictures from our past weekend with our small reunion w/ B'ham friends here in Denver...

(on our way to downtown on the Light Rail)

(happy couple #1)

(happy couple #2)

(and Deena) :) we love you Deener!!

Our picnic/bbq w/ Ryan & Samantha. We're SO glad they're here!!
(lot's of yummy food!!)