Last Day's

We've had some "last day's" around here, if you will. Last week Breeson finished up his last day of VBS at a local church right down the street from us. He really enjoyed it and didn't blink an eye when I dropped him off, even though he didn't know one soul at that church. Our church here is too small to host a VBS, so that is why we let him go to this one. 

You can't even see him in this pic. He's hiding behind another little girl. If you look closely you can see just his face. He's in front of the student-helper in the gray shirt.

I snuck in early a couple days to watch him in song time. He said that was his favorite part, 
which was no surprise to me. 


Then on Saturday, he had his final soccer game with the YMCA. Judging by his (lack of) enthusiasm for the sport, I'd say this was his first and last soccer team to every play on. There was a lot of grass throwing, running in the wrong direction, chasing other kids, and acting like he was shooting an {imaginary} bow & arrow. However, to give him credit, he wasn't the only kid out there doing those things. But to give him some credit, he did get a goal on his very first game, and he put in about 60+%  effort in at least each game. To be honest, I would've been tired too. There were two separate games where he had to play 2 back-to-back games, each being an hour long.

However, this medal that he received totally made his day and may have redeemed soccer as a sport. If he asks to play next summer, it'll only be for the medal.  He has pretty much worn it non-stop.

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